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Win free foodora for a year

Hey guys,

Continuing in the spirit of Back-To-School, I'm coming to you with some super exciting news if you live in the Montreal area!! I've partnered up with foodora to let you know about their back-to-school contest:

STUDENTS LISTEN UP: Until September 20th, when you order foodora, simply type FREEFOOD in the "have a voucher" section at checkout and you are automatically in to win.... FREE FOODORA FOR A YEAR!*

In the spirit of back to school season, they have also created three back-to-school meals available only through the foodora app and I tried them and I'm obsessed. The only one I did not try was the Brooklyn Pizza Pouch, I went ahead and got a classic pepperoni pizza instead (#guilty).

  • Kinka Izakaya - Karaage Teishoku Lunchbox Deep-fried soy sauce marinated chicken with garlic mayo, served with miso soup, mini salad and rice. VERDICT: The chicken is so delish and this restaurant is actually super good overall!

  • Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce - The Grilled Columbian Chimichurri, jalapeno, bacon, grilled cheese curds and cheddar, in between two slices of challah. VERDICT: Talk about a loaded grilled cheese!!

  • Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine - The Brooklyn Pizza Pouch Sesame seed crust, pepperoni, ricotta and mozzarella, folded into a pocket.

So all you have to do is order your usual food, or try these new ones above, and enter "FREEFOOD" and your in to win! GOOD LUCK!! :)


Here are some pics to get you drooling.

I am a huge fan of foodora because I can order my favorite foods without leaving my location! And these new exclusive meals are a mega reason to start ordering your meals through foodora!

This first photo features the Karaage Teishoku Lunchbox (top left), the grilled columbian (bottom left) and a pepperoni pizza on sesame crust (right).

Some extra items I picked from Kinka Izakaya and Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce

*Free foodora for a year is the equivalent of one (1) $15 foodora voucher per week for a total of 8 months during the academic school year.

** This post was sponsored by foodora, but all opinions are my own.

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