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A Week In My Life

Hey guys,

I've had such a jam packed awesome week that I thought I would take this opportunity to do a week in my life post! This one will be a little longer than seven days due to the nature of the week (I know I know, first "week in my life" I do and I'm already breaking the rules). It was my birthday week and I had a lot going on so we'll be doing a week + 2 days in my life if that's alright with you guys :) #9DaysInMyLife

What can you expect in the rest of the post? EVENTS, COLLABS, SCHOOLS, MEETING MASTERCHEF USA WINNER?!

It's all down here! ;)



  • 8AM: work work work work work. I do have a part time job cause this girl has gotta pay for tuition somehow!

  • 3PM: Made my way downtown to do a quick shopping trip at Bench! I am working on a collaboration with Bench (which you can expect to see very soon!) and therefore had to go select the pieces I wanted to get.

  • 6PM: Later that evening I attended the launch event for BOUTIQUE SKIN ENVIE with my bff Leah! Boutique Skin Envie is an online shop that sells professional skin care products. The owner, Natasha is beyond amazing! We had a great night, there was rosé, food, a puppy (the cutest), skin products, gift boxes, the whole shabang!!


  • 10AM: Went to my first and only class of the day.

  • 2PM: STUDY TIME. With an exam the next day, I spent my day trying to study and catch up on readings! During this session, I also got news of a new collab I'll be working on soon!! I am SO excited, but can't let you know just yet what it is!! Here's a hint: it's a hair product!

  • 8PM: Meeting.


  • 8AM: Rise and shine, I had an exam so I had to be at school early to prepare and study.

  • 12PM: Exam + one report due.

  • 5PM: Another report due. Gotta be honest, this was a rough day.


  • 10AM: FINALLY FRIDAY! I started my day with birthday preparations because my party was that evening!! Balloons, decorations, food, pillows, I got it all.

  • 7PM: The guests arrived and well, I'll let the photos speak for themselves. (Yes, that's a pillow fight)


  • 11AM: There is no better way to start your birthday than with brunch.

  • 6PM: I had a cute little birthday dinner with my mom, sister and aunt. My aunt got me flowers and a cake!

  • 9PM: After dinner I went to the movies with bff Marilie to see Kingsman.


  • 10AM: I started the day shooting some content for my Bench collaboration with my sister. She takes most of my pictures if you ever wonder :)

  • 4PM: After some photo editing, it's time to head over to my grandparents house for a thanksgiving/birthday dinner. Two words: food coma.

  • 8PM: After dinner, our family always plays a few hours of cards. What kind of traditions does your family have? :)


  • 10AM: I spent most of the day studying and working on the blog.

  • 11AM: blog

  • 12PM: blog

  • 1PM: I think you get the point ;)


  • 11AM: Yeaahh this girl got to sleep in!

  • 12PM: Made my way to school to do some work. I also got a special invite today from my fam at 1Milk2Sugars!

  • 6PM: Went for dinner and then to the hockey game!


  • 10AM: The usual, I go to class.

  • 6PM: Time to get ready for my dinner!

  • 9PM: MY DINNER (which I will give its own paragraph cause there's a lot to say)


I am a HUGE Masterchef fan. I watch the show religiously, it is one of the only shows I watch on television. I never have time to sit down and watch TV so I usually record the show and watch it eventually when I have a free hour. So I watched the entire season OBVIOUSLY and Dino was my favourite from the beginning. So when he won I was over the moon. AND THEN he announced he was coming to Montreal and I just had to be there. So Kayla, my sister and I bought tickets to the dinner and... it was last night!

We had a five course italian vegan menu and it was great (I've included pictures below)!! It was my first full vegan meal and I was really impressed. It was delicious and filling. I kept tasting and describing the experience as if I was Gordon Ramsey haha. During the night, I got the ONLY tour of the kitchen by Chef Dino himself. I was freaking out a little bit. He was wearing his Masterchef apron!!! After dinner, we went to talk to him and take pics. He even wrote me a note! Needless to say, it was an amazing night. Dino is an incredibly kind person. One of the nicest people I've ever met. He had personally sent me the invitation to the event because we had been talking and he knew I wanted to come. Such a sweetheart. All in all, we had a great time and it was probably one of the best nights of my life.

Stay in touch Dino!

Hope to see you soon xx

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