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Fave restaurants right now.

Hey guys,

It's already October and Canadian thanksgiving is this weekend. So needless to say, I've got comfort food on my mind. We will all be stuffing our faces and living off leftovers for a few days at least. But once the leftovers run out, my guess is you'll still seeking some really good, comforting food in the following weeks. So here are 6 great restaurants in the city that you can get a really good comforting meal at (and where you'll most likely find me):

1. Pizzeria no 900

My favourite place to get pizza in the city. The best part? It's super affordable, super delicious and have locations all over the city and on the South Shore as well! To me, there's nothing more comforting that an amazing pizza!

Fave menu item: Classic margherita pizza (with added oregano)


2. Arthur's Nosh Bar

Hands down my FAVOURITE place to get brunch in Montreal. BUT the line to get in is always super long, expect a 45 minute wait at least. Or you could show up 30-45 minutes before it opens and be in the first seating. Also important to note, you will only be seated if you're whole party is there so make sure you tell that friend that is always late to show up 30 minutes earlier ;)

Fave menu item: Breakfast sandwich



Early in the summer I had the chance to try out this restaurant. I had never heard of it so I looked at the menu online and was a little hesitant about their menu at first. But now that I have been, I can't wait to go back. They make plates to share and all the food I tasted was amazing.

Fave menu item: used to be their broccoli salad, but the menu changes seasonally I believe so there's a new salad option.

But still on the menu that I love: the vegetarian tacos, fried chicken and salmon tartar.


4. Siam

I've been twice already to this new restaurant downtown and I love it. Everything I had on the tasting menu was delicious and they have amazing drinks (both cocktails and mocktails). I would literally sell my soul for their beef in panang curry. If you love Thai food or want to try it, this is the place to go!

Fave menu item: Beef in panang curry


5. Brunch @ L'Avenue

Portions are big so you are sure to be full after a visit here. Their bold decor is super fun and they've just opened a new location on the South Shore of Montreal, which is great for those who don't wanna go into the city for a quick brunch. They have a mac and cheese dish on the brunch menu that had a lot of people dying for!

Fave menu item: Any of their pancakes really. The fluffiness of the pancakes are unreal.


6. SIGNORVINO If you are looking for a great spot for a date night? This place. Girls night? This place. In fact, on Wednesday's theres a special girls menu for only $35 (appetizer, main course, desert and a drink). Great Italian food, great Italian wine, located right in Little Italy and just overall great atmosphere. I've been a few times and have never been disappointed.

Fave menu item: The salmon tartar is amazing and I also fell in love with the little Nutella balls for dessert.


Have you tried any of these restaurants? Let me know in the comments below :)


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