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Hey guys,

Hope you guys are having an awesome summer! I recently took a trip to New York city with a close friend of mine. It was a great trip because my friend, who is from Australia, came to Montreal for a few days and then we visited New York together. We certainly did all the touristic musts, but given this was my 5th time in New York, I took is as a chance to turn it into a somewhat food tour. So for this article, I will be talking about the New York City musts when it comes to FOOD. In the future, I will certainly cover all the Insta-worthy photo locations, but for now, let's take a look at some hella delicious foods.

Best Shakes? BLACK TAP

Best crazy milkshakes in all of Manhattan and dare I say... the world? They are crazy, delicious, insanely high in calories (but who's counting anyways?) and an experience to have. I would love to talk about them more, but I think the picture says enough ;)

Website: Location: 529 Broome Street, NY

Best cool new food to try? TACO MAHAL

No, I haven't gotten tired of Indian food yet. Even after two weeks non-stop, I still can't get enough! This place makes Indian tacos where the shell is.. NAAN. I had my eye on this place for a while and couldn't wait to try it out. THEY WERE SO GOOD. It was perfection and the iced masala chai latte was the perfect compliment to the spice. If you love Indian food, you'll love this place.

Location: 73 7th Avenue South New York, NY

Best cookies? LEVAIN BAKERY

Picture the most chewy, warm, and chocolaty cookies you can think of... that's a Levain Bakery cookie. They may be $4 a pop, but they are SO worth it. The lines are usually long, but if you want to skip it, check out their Harlem location which usually has shorter wait times.

P.S. I ate the cookie too fast and didn't get a good pic for I joined some from their Instagram :)

Location: 2167 Frederick Douglass Blvd, NY (+ a few more)

Best specialty location? By CHLOE

This place is VEGAN! That's right! And although I am not a vegan myself, I love the idea of having that option to try out vegan meals. This place is super popular in the blogger world and I know why.. IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE. I made a pit stop at their Sweets by Chloe and got their cherry lemonade.


Best pizza? LUCALI

This place is hella delish. This pizza restaurant in Brooklyn is deemed the "best sit-down pizza restaurant in New York". The lines are long so I suggest going early, a little before it opens to get your name on the list. The place is small, only a few tables so you wanna get on that first seating. The menu is simple, pizza or calzone and you have a choice of about 6 toppings. The pizza only comes in one size: HUGE.

Location: 575 Henry Street, Brooklyn

Best burger place? SHAKE SHACK

Now, like I said, I'm not vegan. Quite the contrary, I love meat and there's nothing more satisfying that a hell of a good burger. This place, i you haven't heard of it, makes milkshakes and burgers. The burgers are SO good. So simply delicious. These ain't no McDonald's patties. Stop by for a burger, some crinkle cut fries and a milkshake (or two) and you won't regret it!!

Location: Again... SO MANY LOCATIONS, you can find them everywhere haha

Best comfort food spot? CHIPOTLE

Well this is a staple. Everyone talks about Chipotle. It is take out Mexican food. Now, if I'm being honest I don't find it different from any other Mexican fast food location, but that doesn't mean it isn't good! All Mexican fast food places are good ;) It is good old comfort food and if you are in NYC, just stop by for a meal, you won't regret it! :)

Location: Literally... SO MANY LOCATIONS

Best ice cream? MAGNUM

This place is special. Straight out of a dream. We've all heard of the magnum ice cream bars and their elegant packaging, but now they have a Magnum bar in the city where you can build your very own ice cream bar! Any toppings you want!! For just $8, get a custom Magnum bar and take cute pictures in their amazing store. BUT it is only open in the summer, so if you're going to book a trip, book it during the summer ;)

Location: 875 Washington St, NY

Best "Insta worthy cocktail location"? WHILE WE WERE YOUNG NYC

Now talk about a girl's dream place. This bar/restaurant is a self proclaimed girl's night paradise and it definitely is. Pink couches, white marble tabletops, cute staff, cuter drinks and neon writing on the wall, do I need to say anything else? It is quite small, so show up early or be prepared to wait, cause the girls inside won't ever want to leave.

Location: 183 W 10th St, NY

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