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How To Picnic In Montreal

Hey guys,

Summer is on and it's time to take advantage of the great weather before its too late. Once the sun comes out, people flood the terraces of restaurants, so how about something even better: a picnic in your favorite park with great food from your favorite restaurant, but without having to pay a tip ;) Picnics are super cute, super fun and super yum! This season, I'm bringing my picnic A game and teaming up with foodora to create the ultimate summer picnic!

From June 19th to 25th, foodora is introducing a pick up feature!! That means you can pick up your favorite meals on your way to a park. No lines, no wait, and NO DELIVERY FEE! So you pay EXACTLY what you would at the restaurant, but without waiting in line and without having to tip the waiter. I MEAN THAT'S PRETTY FREAKING GOOD. They even have exclusive dishes available only through the foodora app! ;)

So here's how to picnic, Montreal style:

1. Download the foodora app

2. Order from the restaurants featured on the app (we picked Nini Meatball House and Charcos)

3. Switch from "delivery" to "pick-up" when you're ordering (to avoid the fee) and place your order

4. Pick up food and choose a park

5. Choose a cute park, set up a Pinterest worthy picnic and voila!

TIP: Don't forget the drinks! But remember you are not allowed to bring alcohol in public so make yourselves some cute drinks like we did below. Adding mint and fruit to any drink makes it a million times cuter ;)


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