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New Food Discoveries in MTL // Foodora

Hey guys!

Foodora is a platform for restaurants in both the Toronto and Montréal areas. The company also offers an app on which you can order foods from local restaurants, restaurants which normally don't deliver. The food is delivered by bike, rather than by car, and delivered to any address you choose! I recently had some food delivered right to my school lobby to make things easier for me. Oh, and by the way, this article is in no way sponsored by Foodora. Although I have been invited to some of their events, I was in no way asked to post about it here ! I just honestly thing the concept is cool and have discovered some amazing restaurants along the way :)

The first event I attended was the #GoodFoodTour in which about eight social media influencers and I bixi-ed (if you're from MTL you will know what this means, but for everyone else, let's use "biked") around town to three different restaurants to try out their menus. The second event was their Nom Nom Namaste event during which we had a quick yoga session at the Mount Royal lookout followed by a little picnic. So here's a list of each of the restaurants I've discovered thanks to Foodora so far!

This was the first location of the Good Food Tour and really set the tone for the rest of the evening. So I might be a little bias since I love Indian food to begin with, but I really, truly, honestly loved this restaurant. The owners are very nice and their mango lassi IS THE BEST. If you have never tried mango lassi, you should know it is quite life changing! I can't wait to go back and have another... two or three ;)

Indian food restaurant Rajasthan

So now that I've established my new love for mango lassi, comes a funny coincidence. Little did I know the next place they would bring me too had mango in EVERYTHING we tasted. But thankfully, there's no such thing as being mango'd out, what a relief ;)

The last stop on the #GoodFoodTour was MLT DWN, a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant. Fun fact: I don't (really) like cheese. So my friends laughed at me when I said I was going to a grilled cheese place.. I do, however, like pizza and poutine, but cheese is not accepted under any other circumstances. BUT, I tried their Jalapeño Rancher grilled cheese with cheddar, chicken, ranch sauce, bacon and jalapeños and... I actually liked it! That being said, if a grilled cheese is good enough to make me think cheese tastes OK, then you should definitely consider going to this place!

The best part was dessert: "Housemade Rasp Spread, Cheesecake and Graham Cracker Dust on Texas dipped in crème brûlée French toast batter". Just let that sink in for a minute. This was honestly one of the best things I've ever tasted. Ever. And that's saying a lot since I've had donut cones in Prague and pizza in Naples ;)

MLT DWN gourmet grilled cheese

After our cute little yoga session, Café Santropol had prepared some 'lunch boxes' for us to enjoy. They each contained half a sandwich, a small salad and a homemade cookie. I appreciated the light, healthy themed lunch they had prepared for us. Yoga and cute lunch boxes? And I haven't even talked about the juices yet ;)

Café Santropol sandwich and salad

Yoga session on Mont Royal lookout Montreal

Every time I see cold-pressed juices, I'm hesitant to buy any because they are usually quite expensive. So I was happy to be able to try them before I committed to anything. I tried the charcoal lemonade and one of the green cold-pressed juices (there are over ten kinds of green juices on their website and although I tried narrowing it down to one, I failed), and I really enjoyed them! They tasted like all the other juices, but they are cold-pressed and are WAYYYY better for you. You should definitely try cold-pressed juices to see for yourself if this is something for you or not :)

Natura Juices Montreal

Hopefully next month I will have more new restaurants to present to you guys! So come back every now and then to make sure you don't miss out on anything ;)


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