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Europe: The Ultimate Foodie Heaven

Hey guys,

As mentioned in last week's post, today's article is all about food. I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later, right? From my overly abundant mentions of food in, well, every post, I think I've prepared you well enough for what you are about to see ;)

Now I've been told that I post a lot of food on my snapchat stories (@sarou013), and some friends tell me "I wanna hang out with you all the time just to eat the food you eat", which is a pretty fair statement so I don't take it personally.

I've prepared for you an article including all the 'typical' foods that one should expect to eat when visiting their respective locations, and I've also noted down to get all these tasty foods. From tapas in Spain to stroopwafels in Amsterdam, I've included my top 20 foods/drinks to get while in Europe (and in Morocco oups).

WARNING: The following content main contain material (aka food) which will make your stomach growl, and your mouth salivate.

Well, you've been warned. Scroll below at your own risk...


P.S. I apologize for the quality of the images, they were mostly taken with an iPhone.


1. Churros in Spain

Where? Chocolateriá San Ginés is the best spot!

2. Crêpes in France

Where? Any little food truck/kiosk near the attractions are always good.

Personally, I love the one near the Eiffel Tower, next to the carrousel.

3. Cronuts in Barcelona

Where? A place called Chök. So many choices...

4. Currywurst in Berlin

Where? You can find this anywhere, so don't worry about the location.

5. Donut cones in Prague

Where? Good Food. The line up is huge, but it is the best place in town.

6. Fish & Chips in London

Where? As you can probably guess, you can get fish and chips anywhere and everywhere ;)

I don't remember where I had mine though.... my apologies :(

7. Fries in Belgium

Where? Fritland. Is. The. Place. Period.

Here the lineup is long as well, but really worth it. You can't go to Brussels without eating some fries.

8. Gelato in Italy

Where? Anywhere in the country should be good enough ;)

9. Lemon sorbet in Positano

Where? The Amalfi Coast is known for its lemons and lemon products.

However, only a few places offer the sorbet INSIDE the lemon. This one is in Positano, on the dock.

10. Macarons in Paris

Where? From Ladurée of course.

11. Moroccan tea in Morocco

Where? Anywhere in Morocco. It is really worth trying. Super cheap and delicious. It's perfection.

12. Pastels de Nata in Belem

Where? This place is the place: Pasteis de Belem. Belem is home to the famous pastries and this place does them a little differently.

They serve them warm topped with confectioner sugar and cinnamon! Warning: there's a lineup...

13. Pizza in Naples

Where? The hostel suggested a few different places, but we ended up going to Gino Sorbillo.

The pizza is THE BEST and so so cheap! Whole pizza for 4 euros!

14. Porto in Porto

Where? If you cross the river to Vila Nova de Gaia, you will find all the porto cellars.

Pick randomly or choose from taste, I really don't know enough about porto to help you in this one.

We had a rosé porto wine tasting at Porto Cruz.

15. Sacher torte in Vienna

Where? You have to have it where it all started... Hotel Sacher.

All the best places have lineups as you have seen so far and this place is definitely no different.

16. Sangria in Spain

Where? Spain is know the have the best sangria in the world, so anywhere you go will do the job ;)

Here are some places I like to get cheap sangria in Madrid: El Tigre, 100 Montaditos and Eskinazo (just outside the city).

17. Schnitzel in Austria

Where? Can't remember. But if you go out to a restaurant (which you probably will while travelling),

make sure to order schnitzel off the menu at least once since it originated from Austria :)

18. Stroopwafels in Amsterdam

Where? You buy them in souvenir shops and in grocery stores.

They are composed of two very thin layers of waffles with a caramel filling in the middle. To die for.

19. Tapas in Spain (or anything from Spain really)

Where? Anywhere in Spain. 100 Montaditos is know for their cheap tapas, so I recommend trying this place.

If not, any restaurant offers taps and typical Spanish foods. I really love the random places you find on the side of the road ;)

20. Waffles in Belgium

Where? Near the Manneken Pis there are dozens of waffle shops, offering waffles for as low at 1.50 euros.

They are no doubt the best waffles in the world. We went to the one next to the Godiva store.

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