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Recycling your beauty products: haircare, skincare and makeup

Hey guys,

I've been really taking a closer look into the ways we can improve our environmental impact and a theme that has been coming up is how wasteful the blogging/influencer industry is. Part of my job as a content creator and influencer is to review products, so I have more product in my home than I know what to do with sometimes. To avoid waste, sometimes I'll give products away to friends and family once I've tried them, but it still leaves me with a few that might even expire before I have the chance to use it all.

I did a huge cleanup a few weeks ago and found myself throwing out a lot of product that had expired already and as I threw all these empty bottles to the side, I wondered: how can we properly dispose of these items? So I took my quest to google and found some interesting information that I wanted to share with you guys!

In an article published by InStyle magazine, they go over every product packaging type (bottle, can, glass, etc.) and how to recycle them:


If you haven’t completely finished your shampoo, conditioner or any product, don't pour it down the sink, it will contaminate the water! Get as much as you can out first and put it in your normal trash. The same goes for nail polish, nail polish remover, hairspray and hair dye.


(Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams, etc.)

Just make sure you empty them completely and rinse the inside thoroughly and then include them alongside all your other recycled plastic. Lids can be recycled too, unless it’s a trigger head or a pump. Those need to go out with normal trash.


Items like hairspray, dry shampoo, thermal water sprays, and so on can be recycled too. They are recycled alongside your aluminum and metal cans! But please make sure to use them fully before recycling them as you have no other way of emptying it!


Make sure you give them a good rinse and then you can include them in your recycling alongside other glass items like wine bottles.


Most of packaging for makeup is plastic. As long as you rinse and remove all residue of product, they can be recycled in your regular recycling.


Fun fact: according to Marie Claire magazine, your cotton pads for makeup can be recycled along with your food waste.


Pouches, squeezable tubes and such unfortunately can't be recycled. You will have to add them to the trash. Adding a non-recyclable item to recycling will actually cause problems in their processing line so it's actually better off in the trash (relatively speaking).


1. Always, ALWAYS, rinse/wash the item before placing in the recycling bin.

2. When you buy a product, ask the store if they take back empty products/bottles. Some companies have their own recycling methods and will even give you a discount or a free product to thank you for recycling! I know Lush, MAC and Origins do!

3. If you are uncertain about whether or not you can recycle something, google it! :)

4. Be mindful of the products and brands you buy from and don't forget to recycle!


If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments below!! xx

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