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Foodora's 1st Birthday Party

(Photo above courtesy of Foodora)

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago, Foodora celebrated their one year anniversary and naturally they threw a party!

What is Foodora?

I've mentioned Foodora a few times previously, but in case this is your first time joining us here, Foodora is a food delivery service in Montreal. They also deliver in the Toronto area and in 9 other countries worldwide. I order Foodora every now and then from school when I'm studying and don't wanna walk out or simply don't want to bare the cold to get food. There are countless options of restaurants you can choose from. You are sure to find something to please everyone. Make sure to download their app (for free) so you can get an idea of how convenient ordering from Foodora is!

** In a nutshell: you order your food from your favourite restaurant through the app, tell them what time you want it delivered and where and they deliver straight to you.

The Birthday Party

So on October 26th, they celebrated their first year of business here in Montreal and I was there to celebrate with them. The venue was filled with food,just the way I like it. Some of the food at the event: a donut wall, a make-your-own donut station, a table full of gourmet donuts (I think you call that heaven), Romados, Copper Branch, La Panthere Verte, Chef on Call, Burrito Shop, Mango Bay, Les Glaceurs, Trou de Beigne, and Desserts Etc. Everything was impossibly delicious.

They had signature drinks at the bar, crazy good DJs The Aloof Hipster and Adam DoubleYou were in the house and there was a photobooth complete with food themed props. One thing I love about the Foodora events is that I always end up meeting tons of new people. This time, Gaby and Kelsey (the same gals from the Vivalia launch) were attending, I had brought my girl Leah and we met two guys from The Know Where (click the link to find out more). Altogether, the event was SUPER fun!

Can it be birthday #2 soon? ;)


P.S This article is in no way sponsored by Foodora :) I just wanna share with you what I love about their service.

At The Bar

Appartement 200 Bar

(Photo above courtesy of Foodora)

Foodora signature drinks

The Venue

Appartement 200 Foodora Event

The Photobooth

Photobooth fun #1

Photobooth fun #2

Photobooth fun #3

The Donuts... well, some of them ;)

Donuts from Trou de Beigne

They even gave out polaroids

Polaroids are forever

The Squad

Squad hanging out at the event

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