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What lies ahead

Hey guys,

From looking past at the performance of my articles, it appears as though you guys loveee it when I get real personal. So, I thought it as about time I posted another article of that sort!

This week, I want to talk about what lies ahead. I have a crazy year ahead of me, but I couldn't be more excited for everything to come! Stay tuned because I will be telling you all about the stuff I have coming up and the articles you can expect in the next few weeks.

Rough Start

The start to 2017 involved a lot of self doubt and learning from my mistakes as I began a new internship in sales. Working full-time, in a job I had no experience in, while still being committed to extra curricular activities at school ended up taking quite some time out of my weekly schedule. However, the projects I was working on at school allowed me to meet great people and organize a variety of super fun events for students, which made the hard work more enjoyable!

Now, the internship is just about to end and in just over a week I am off to India! India is a destination I have wanted to go to for years now, so I am very excited to embark on the journey to yet another country on my bucket list! I couldn't be more excited to visit this new country with my friends and share my experience with all of you. As you all know, this blog began as a way to share all my travels with you and now, with work and school (and budget constraints haha) I am not nearly travelling as much as last year, so this trip will spice up the blog again ;)

Coming Up // May 2017

May will be a crazy month, bear with me! On May 2nd, I officially start my mandate as co-president on the marketing association of my university. An achievement I couldn't be prouder to share with you guys. I will definitely be talking more about this in a later article.

Following the official 'coronation' ;) the week will be filled with events, activities and projects. I have a very cool collaboration coming next week for all of you fashionistas!! Then I am off to India for two weeks and once I get back, the summer job begins.

Finally, at the end of the month, I will be sharing with you a special project I have been working on with my friend Fanny and her clothing line, F.CAPUANO. Her summer collection launches on the 27th of May, and she is hosting a fashion show for the launch! I love fashion shows, so you know where I will be on May 27th ;)

Coming Up // June 2017

I don't have much planned for June actually, simply working and saving up for... July! What's happening in July?? I guess #You'llJustHaveToWait

Here comes the cheesy part: Something I have learned in these past few weeks/months, is that is you plant a seed, things will grow and projects will eventually flourish. If you work hard and put your heart into everything you do, things will fall into place. So if anything, try because you never know what will come out of something!


P.S Here's a picture to get you excited about Spring :)

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