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Weekend Shenanigans: Travel, Collabs and Hillary Clinton?

Hey guys,

For all of you who are still students: I hope your midterms and assignment submissions all went well!

For all of you who have luckily escaped school: I hope you are enjoying the nice weather outside and having a great time!

Today I am sharing with you my weekend shenanigans (cause it was a crazy busy weekend) involving travel, Hillary Clinton and collaborations!


We left at 7:30AM and drove directly to Toronto to attend Startup Fashion Week (SFW) in the city. Most non-Canadians think the drive from Montreal to Toronto must not be long cause it looks so close on a map, but it's actually about 6 to 7 hours including quick breaks. So needless to say we spent the day on the road, checked in to our Airbnb at 3pm, quickly changed our outfits and headed to the venue to set up. We were attending SFW as a vendor, as I am close friends with the designer of F.CAPUANO. We spent the evening meeting prominent Toronto fashion personalities and spreading the word about the brand. The event ended at 11PM and we headed straight for bed.


This morning we left at 6:30AM to make a not so short detour to Niagara Falls (might as well if you've already driven that far) to snap some quick pics with the falls and grab some chocolate covered strawberries at the Hershey store. By 10:30AM we were already back on the road for a full day of driving.


After sleeping in a little Sunday, I tested the new L'Oréal #Colorista line (hence the photo above to the right)! You can see more pics of the look on my Instagram! :) I feel so lucky to be able to collaborate with awesome brands like L'Oréal and its all thanks to you beautiful people sooooo THANK YOU <3

The new Colorista sprays are PERFECT for Halloween! I'm dressing up as a unicorn and will be adding colour to my hair to complete the look!! :)

GIVEAWAY: You can win a full set of all ten shades by clicking here: :)


Finally, to conclude the weekend, I was a volunteer at the Hillary Clinton conference here in Montreal. She was here talking about her new book, "What Happened". I was volunteering with Women in Governance and had the opportunity to attend the event for free as a result and also got a copy of her book. Now, you can believe or not in her ideas or political views, but I believe it is important for all of us to take a step back and see how remarkable her achievements are. For instance, she was the first female candidate ever to be nominated for president by a major U.S political party. Hearing her talk about her achievements and her experience in the 2016 elections was very interesting and I can't wait to read her book. And although she didn't win, she still accomplished something huge and that may very well have paved the road for the next woman, make it a little easier for the next woman that comes around until, one day, they may very well see their first ever female president and we could all say it was thanks to the hard work of all the women before her that led her to taking that place that day.

I personally feel so inspired to go out in this world and just. be. awesome. We've got dreams, we've got plans, we've got places to see and places to go and if we all work together and work hard, we WILL make it guys!! <3

What are you goals? Dreams? Let me know below :)


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