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The Truth About NYFW

Hey guys,

I've been back from NYFW for almost 2 weeks and everywhere I go, people always ask me how NYFW was! So I thought I would round up everything I learned about NYFW: its ups and downs, my expectations and its realities and everything in between.

It still feels surreal to think that I was at NYFW just a few weeks ago. Being around so many inspiring people, collections and venues made me want to stay forever and take a millions pictures. So, overall? I had a really great time! If you love and breathe fashion, then this is the place for you, but like everything, it has its ups and downs so here's the 411 on fashion week:



1. You can't help but feel special at NYFW. It's super exclusive, and everyone loves an exclusive event. So to be included in this glamorous week feels amazing.

2. It is so fun to see all the designers newest collections and see the upcoming trends! Like I said, if you LOVE fashion, you're gonna have a blast!

3. You get to see and meet so many inspiring people. I got to meet a bunch of my favourite influencers (see below).

4. You will likely end up seating anyways. A lot of people skip shows, and they can't have empty seats (looks bad in pictures) so they seat most of the people :)

5. You're in NYC, there's so much to see and do (if you find the time haha).


1. The schedule is crazy. You will find yourself to be running around all the time. (Think before wearing heels).

2. There's a lot of waiting in line, unless you have a seat assigned already. If you have a standing ticket, you have to wait in line for long periods of time, but you will most probably end up getting seated once inside, so that's good.

3. You may meet some people who pretend to be someone else. Not in a catfishing way, but they seriously enhance their credentials when in fact, they don't have the following or influence they claim to have. JUST BE YOURSELF PEOPLE! 4. It's an expensive trip. The shows are free (and invite only), but add up the costs of the plane, accommodation, food and exchange rate and it becomes an expensive trip to make.



I've found there are 2 types of shows: (1) the ready-to-wear collections that you totally want to rock next season and (2) the more artistic collections that have a message, but that no one will wear because that's not necessarily what they are intended for. There were a few shows that we're entertaining, but that we wouldn't wear. And then there were the shows with stunning clothing. Here were my faves:

1. Fashion Palette - Australian Group Show: 11 Australian designers took the runway for some stunning collections. My favourites designers were Elliatt, Bronx and Banco and Harvey the Label to name a few. Find these stunning brands in vlog #1.

2. Chromat - Future Forward Bodywear: We loved this show because of the diversity shown in the choice of models. The bathing suits were cool, but the performance and message behind the brand is what really sold it for me. And Whoopi Goldberg sitting front row, sure agreed! ;) I think it is AMAZING that we are seeing a more diverse group of models on the runway this season. See the looks and models in vlog #1.

3. House of Nonie: Canadian designer in the ready-to-wear category. The collection is minimalistic and right up my alley. I would wear her pieces all year round, take a look at vlog #3 for her collection.

4. KUHO: Similarly to House of Nonie, this designer creates ready-to-wear pieces that are minimalistic, simple, classic and monochromatic. You can find this collection in vlog #2.

You can check out the highlights of these shows in my vlogs:


Stay tuned for more on NYFW <3


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