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Fall Trends + Shopping Guide

I cannot express how excited I am about #FallFashion! Summer is fun and all, but when it's scorching hot, it's a little hard to dress cute, especially with sweat dripping down your back. Fall is perfect: the trees look cute, layering is in, BOOTS, lattes, do I need to say more?

Today I've rounded up my top 8 trends for the season and where to shop for all of them. Of course some things never go out of style: trench coats, sweaters, turtlenecks, denim, the list goes on and on. But here are the seasonal trends everyone will be wearing:


1. Knee High Boots I know you guys are excited about this one. Dust off your boots, it's booty time.


2. Faux leather Faux leather pieces are huge this season. Think out of the box, there's more than faux leather pants: tops, jackets, skirts, you name it. Black is a classic, but don't be afraid to rock a brown leather too. Here are a few options I love:


3. Sweater vests Sweaters will always be in, but this season it's all about the sweater vest. This trend is still fresh, there aren't a ton of places who have sweaters vests but here are three you can easily rock.


4. Large belts Use a bold, large belt to accessorize your looks and elevate them. Definitely use it to accentuate your waist when sporting knits.


5. Medium size bags Mini bags are out for the season, we need space to carry around everything we need, including our mask and hand sanitizer, perhaps some gloves, a scarf, you name it.


6. Plaid Nothing screams cozy fall like plaid. Dress it up or dress it down, it always looks amazing. A plaid flannel shirt is cozy and casual, but make it a scarf and it's cozy chic. And if it's a blazer, you'll be totally work appropriate. Here are some awesome options:


7. Cozy cardigans Cardigans were already huge for spring and summer and they continue to live their stride, but this time, aim for fall colors and thicker cardigans. This Zara one on the left has a faux fur collar, but don't worry it's removable so you can wear it two ways. Here are some options that will surely make your friends jealous:


8. Neutral palette Think beiges, whites, greys, blacks, browns, caramels, you get the idea ;) Happy shopping and outfit planning!!!


NEED INSPO: If you are looking for outfit inspo, check out my Fall Trends Pinterest board here. I'll be adding looks constantly:

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