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Sporty Stylish with Bench

Hey guys,

It's post-thanksgiving and pre-halloween, but also full midterm season if you are in school like me. So we've eaten a lot of food, but now we are either drinking red bulls to stay awake or partying to forget how many assignments are due and that just ain't healthy. I think we could all use a little motivation to hit the gym and burn away those turkey, energy drink and alcohol (for those who drink) calories. And I can't possibly be the only one who feels more like working out after they buy a cute sporty outfit ;)

This October, I'm collaborating with Bench Canada to showcase some of my favourite items from their collection! Hopefully this will get you in the sporty healthy mood! :)

** AND BEFORE I BEGIN, CAN I JUST SAY THAT THE ENTIRE STORE IS 40% OFF (online and in stores)!!! Like that's a crazy sale, tees come out to $23 and the bottoms to $47, I mean these prices are SO good! **



All in black and white baby! I am wearing their Bold Corp Leggings and their Corp Tee, showing some serious Bench love! I have been wearing those leggings so much lately, I've really fallen in love with them. They are the perfect cotton sporty black legging hands down.



I couldn't resist myself, I had to put some grey into this look book. This long sleeve Bench logo shirt fits perfectly in my wardrobe. I paired it with these seriously comfy City Pants. Since the pants are high waisted, I decided to tie my top in a knot at the belly button to accentuate the waist a little more. What I love the most about these pants is that they have a sporty chic vibe so you can wear them casually with a cute tank top, jacket and cute flats.



The last look features their classic Corp Tee version August, the logo is made of little beads, resembling the sprinkles you put on a cake. It has the same shape as the first Corp Tee I showed you before, but it has more sparkle ;) So for this one I paired it with some grey jeans and a white denim jacket. It makes for a fun, casual outfit to wear on weekends.

I hope you enjoyed these looks and they you are inspired to create your very own sporty stylish looks with Bench! I really enjoyed putting these looks together and can't wait to go for a run in my Bench attire :)

Talk to you soon guys!


** The items were received complimentary from MacIntyre Communications and Bench Canada but all opinions are my own. **

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