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A guide to shooting content indoors

These are certainly not normal times and being confined inside our homes has a lot of us searching for inspiration. This article goes out to my fellow content creators who perhaps need a little extra inspiration these days. Never should we feel pressure to be productive, even less now in these stressful times, but if you want and love to shoot content, then hopefully this article can help you with that!

The first thing I do, is get inspiration from accounts that I follow on Instagram or on Pinterest. I save anything that inspires me in a folder called "Quarantine". I do this so I can easily find all these photos once I am ready to shoot.

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Once you've saved a bunch of photos, look through them and assess whether you can recreate something similar in your own home with what you have at hand. For example, do you have a full length mirror? A blank wall? What about props? How about a white sheet? Do you own a tripod? This will all affect the type of photos you can take.

If you live alone you'll definitely want to invest in a tripod, and even if you don't live alone, a tripod is a great investment because you won't always have someone available (or willing) to take your photos when you need them.

If Pinterest and Instagram, aren't giving you enough content inspo, you can look through old magazines to see some photoshoot ideas and even TikTok has a lot of videos around indoor content.

A winning strategy nowadays is to think of content that relates somewhat to our new normal and to be sensitive to what's going on. Right now loungewear, activewear, hobbies like reading and self-care are all things that are relevant right now, so it's a great starting point :)

So here are 10 quarantine content ideas to get you started!



1. Mirror outfit pics

If you have a full length mirror, it will probably become your best friend in quarantine.

A full length mirror allows you to capture a wider view without having to be far away from the camera, so you can easily shoot your full look from close up. This is the perfect opportunity to tag your fave quarantine clothing brands!

2. Selfie in front of a window

Selfies are easy for quarantine because it only requires your arm and a phone and you can really make it your own. Outfit pics might be trickier right now so selfies are a sure bet. You're gonna want to shoot in front of a window for the best natural lighting and if you don't have any backgrounds that you like, you can hang a white sheet behind you.

* In this photo, my hair was quite greasy so I wet it a little and brushed it back to create a 'wet' look which is super popular for photoshoots!

3. Glam self-care photo

For this shot, use what you have at home: your favourite face mask (can also be a sheet mask), your favourite earrings, a pair of sunglasses (optional) and a bathrobe (if you don't own one, you could use a towel). The goal is to look 'extra' so don't be afraid to use your boldest jewelry ;) You can use the opportunity to share with your followers your top face masks in the caption and tag your local jewelry brands.

I know, I know... there is no pillow in this photo. The quarantine pillow challenge is hot right now, but feel free to always put your own spin on trending challenges. Use a pillow or a blanket, add your boldest belt (we're trying to be really extra) and put on your coolest heels to match to create the ultimate glam quarantine look. Tag the brands you wear and who knows, you just might get reposted!

5. Car photo

If you or someone in your household has a car, it can be a fun change of 'scenery' for your content. Tip: shoot with the help of your tripod, place it outside the car and open the window so you can shoot from further then your arm could by taking a selfie. You can use this photo to ask your followers about the first place they wanna visit once quarantine is over.

6. Shoefie

Sometimes we wanna take a break from our face and mix up the feed a little and shoes are perfect for that. Mix selfie and shoes and you get a shoefie! Take one, two or multiple pairs and play around with spots in your home and items you have around. Give those shoes a little attention since you can't take them out ;)

7. Fun photos in bed

If you have a bed that you are willing to expose (truth: I used my mom's bed for this shot) then a bed pic is really fun! It's super relatable because a lot of us are spending way more hours in bed than usual. For this one, I used a fake flower as a prop and took the photo with a tripod and it definitely took a few tries to get right! If you find the photo a little bland or boring, play around with effects like I did here, using the Tezza app.

8. Flatlay (or product shot)

Use a flatlay to show off your favourite products at the moment. It could be themed (haircare, skincare, clothing, accessories, etc.) or a mix of a bunch of things you love. You can even ask your followers what their current favourite products are!

9. Use unlikely props

Using unlikely props can really take your photo to the next level. Sure people have seen you post a selfie before, but with just a simple prop like a phone, this photo turns into more than a selfie, it turns into a story and it'll capture people's attention for longer. This is a fun opportunity to get creative with a witty caption! For example, mine was: Future called, she sounded bright!

10. Give your followers what they want!

We are always searching for something new, but never forget to go back to your roots and post what your followers love about your account! I know that my followers love my hair photos so I make sure to still keep those coming for my loyal followers :) Listen to your followers and give them what they want!

Have any ideas you want to share? Comment them below! :)

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