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Behind the Scenes: Blogger Content Creation

Hey guys,

Everyone loves a little behind the scenes action! Today I'm taking you 'backstage' of a blogger content creation day, well hour haha. Whenever my friends and I need content, we will schedule some time together to shoot some pictures. On this day, we wanted to shoot some pictures in Livingbylo's apartment. Personally, I've wanted to take pictures in a cute apartment for a while, it's kinda like taking pictures in a beautiful hotel room (but less expensive haha)!

We rented the apartment for an hour and planned for the quickest photoshoot ever. We split up into 3 pairs to ensure we utilized our time best. Each pair used a different corner of the small apartment and took each other's pics. Here are some pics that I got out of that hour.


I compiled a short video of our quick photoshoot, that you can find below. It shows you the behind the scenes of our content creation session! Hope you enjoy!!

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