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I'm in love with Frank

I'm in love with Frank.. Frank+Oak that is!

Hey guys,

The weather is getting nicer and I couldn't be more excited about that! Here in Montreal, it's been cold for a long time, so I think all of us are excited for summer.

In my mind, summer starts as soon as school is over! Never mind the official dates, summer is now and that call's for some new projects! The first of the 'summer' is a special collab I did with Frank+Oak. They recently launched their new line for women and I had the opportunity to collaborate with them to show you some of their pieces AND talk about their new StylePlan option! (photos at the end)

Frank+Oak: What I love

You've probably seen me talk about them on Instagram in the past two weeks (cause I'm a little obsessed tbh). I ordered a few items from their online store, which you can see below. What I love about their line is that the items are simple, timeless pieces that every girl (and guy) needs and never go out of style. And to be honest, I feel like it has become impossible to find plain tees and camis out there nowadays with the whole graphic tees trend. Don't get me wrong, I love that trend as much as the next gal, but sometimes I just want a plain white tee without having to go to the men's section (yes, I've been there!). So I scored a white tank and a 'sorta mint green' tee, along with an oxford shirt. They are incredibly comfortable and you can tell they are quality. Plus, Frank+Oak is a Montreal company and who doesn't love supporting our own?! xx

The StylePlan: Why You Should Sign Up Now + A SPECIAL DISCOUNT

Frank+Oak introduced a new way of shopping: the StylePlan. This plan is a monthly or bi-monthly plan that you subscribe to for $89 a month. For that price, you receive 5 tokens which you can spend on the items of your choice. Kinda like going to the arcade with tokens. Every month, the recommended items change, allowing for you to discover different items every month.

Now I know what you are thinking: it's pricey for a subscription box. I thought that at first, BUT you are getting clothing that YOU choose, rather than some unwanted sample products, and their products are super high quality!! If you are hesitant about trying it out, how about I give you $30 off?? Get it for only $59 by CLICKING HERE.



The Boy Tee in Salisbury Green (THIS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVE)

Boyfriend Striped Oxford Shirt in Grey


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