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Hey guys,

My NYFW experience is now complete, I am back home, back at work and ready to sum up New York Fashion Week F/W 2019 for you guys! This season, I had the pleasure of attending six shows, which I will review individually and attach shots of my favorite looks.

First off, I want to list off some trends I think we'll be seeing a lot of next Fall:

1. I believe bold, rich colors are making a come back, alongside bold patterns:

  • Forest green

  • Powder blue

  • Rich purple

2. I think we are going to see a lot of white after labor day, crisp white.

3. Structured blazers and suits

4. Long flowy skirts. Move over midi skirt!

5. Accessories: we continue with the bold, statement handbags again in the Fall Winter season.

Now sit back and enjoy the show ;)


SHOW 1: Noon by Noor

The Noon by Noor show was stunning. It took place at Spring Studios and the gallery had the best view of the city.

Bold yellows, dark rich greens, black, silk and lace were prominent throughout the collection. I'm excited to see dark green hit the racks because I feel like it hasn't had its moment yet, unlike yellow that's been popular for already a year now.

Here were some of my favorite looks:


SHOW 2: Laurence and Chico

Laurence & Chico featured a lot of two piece sets, denim and tweed, along with the usual boldness you expect from them. I already knew that two piece sets were coming this spring, so from the looks of this collection, we'll be seeing them through the fall as well and nothing suits a two piece set like tweed (aka classic Chanel suit vibes).

Here were my favorite looks:


SHOW 3: Fashion Hong Kong

The Fashion Hong Kong show took place at Industria and was a group show, featuring several designers from Hong Kong:

112 mountainyam, Anveglosa, and Heaven Please+. I particularly loved the crisp white pieces and the dark green leather from Anveglosa! I have a feeling we will be wearing more white after labor day ;) I loved the structural elements of the pieces, structured blazers and jackets are already popular, but I think we'll be seeing more in the coming fall.

Here are some of my favorite looks:


SHOW 4: Yuna Yang

Yuna Yang presented a stunning collection in an unusual venue: a gorgeous bookstore near flatiron building. It also featured models of different sizes, which is always a win in my books! There were a lot of busy patterns and flowy skirts, which I saw a lot of at Noon by Noor as well so could be a big thing coming up. I will let the pieces speak for themselves.

Here are some of my favorite looks:


SHOW 5: Oxford Fashion Studio

I am always very thankful for all the invitations I get during NYFW, but this show left a sour taste in my mouth unfortunately. I had attended shows by Oxford Fashion Studio last season and had no issues, but this particular show had issues on the model front. Oxford Fashion Studio is a company that hosts group fashion shows to feature smaller brands who can't afford their own show or simply wouldn't have enough pieces for their own show. The models are usually reused across designers so we would see the same 'off' model again and again. One model was chewing gum with her mouth open, another fixed her dress with the face of someone really annoyed (super unprofessional) and the room was way too hot and crowded.

However, despite all that, I still had a lot of favorite looks and here they are, divided into sections.

Designer: Pheren Couture -

I didn't see this collection live, it was in the second part of the show, but I couldn't stay that long. I find the dresses absolutely breathtaking and Oscar's worthy so I wanted to share them anyways!

Designers: Jisu Lim, Quaint and Farah Naz.


SHOW 6: Hakan Akkaya

Saving the best for last? The Hakan Akkaya show was one for the books. It was bold and electric featuring studs, diamonds, black leather and an overall rock n' roll feel. The collection was also characterized by shoulder pads.

Here are some favorite looks:

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