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Hey guys,

I'm really excited to be sharing some fashion moments with you again! This article is all about Montreal fashion. As you know, Montreal is my home, so I'm always on the lookout to partner with local brands and see what they have to offer. This week, with the Festival Mode & Design in full swing here in Montreal, I had the pleasure of experiencing a show with mmode (the Metropolitan Fashion Cluster). Mmode is a non-profit cluster of Montreal brands whose mission is to contribute to improving the competitiveness and growth of Quebec’s fashion industry.

The goal of the evening was to launch their new signature and by consequent, launch the new hashtag: #MTLSTYLE. So we spent an evening discovering local brands that embody the #mtlstyle message, starting with my fave... Aldo Shoes.


4PM: Aldo Shoes

It was a day full of fashion and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The day started off with a visit to the Eaton Centre Aldo Shoes store where we picked up a pair of shoes for the evening. Aldo is one of my favourite brands of all time and not a lot of people know that it was started here in Montreal and its head office is still located here in the city. I love telling people around the world that Aldo is homegrown :)


5PM: mmode office visit

After feeling like cinderella for an hour, it was time to visit the mmode office where I had the chance to find out more about their new signature: #mtlstyle. The new signature, along with the new slogan "Why be perfect when unique is so beautiful?", or in french "L'Unique est plus beau que le parfait", is designed to encourage Montrealers to share their unique style with the hashtag #mtlstyle and be proud of where we come from and the amazing brands that call Montreal home just like us.


6PM: Quartier des Spectacles

As part of the new #mtlstyle campaign, mmode has set up 8 huge mirrors around the downtown area for people to take selfies in. These huge mirrors wear the #mtlstyle proudly and are the perfect picture setup. We made our way to the Quartier des Spectacles where one of the mirrors was installed for fashion lovers to take pictures with. If you find one in the city, take a picture and join the movement :) I took this selfie with blogger babe Cassidy, from Styled by Seven.

At Quartier des Spectacles we also walked around the pop-up shops and discovered several brands: WellDunn, Nil Apparel and Lambert Bags among others. All unique in their own Montreal way.

7PM: Networking

At 7pm we met the President and CEO of La Vie en Rose, François Roberge and other members of the mmode cluster who work actively in the fashion industry to put Montreal on the map.


8:30PM: The Runway Show

The day ended with a beautiful presentation on the runway full of Montreal brands: L'Éditorial Mode Mobile, featuring Ardène, Lambert Bags and many other local companies.

If you missed my Instagram stories from Wednesday (August 22nd) you can check out the highlight "#mtlstyle" to catch up and discover some brands yourself :)


* This article is sponsored by mmode but all opinions are my own.*


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