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I joined YouTube!

Hey guys,

I'M BACK! I took quite a long break from blogging to focus on my last semester of university and on some personal projects. Honestly, the break was great. I successfully completed my bachelor of commerce at the John Molson School of Business and ended on my BEST semester ever, so I'm very happy with how everything turned out. We often underestimate how time consuming content creation is! But it was about time I came back to my first born child (yes, I refer to this blog as my baby)! And even more exciting, I got a second little baby (ok seriously, I need to get a life): I started a YouTube channel!!

I joined YouTube!

For a while I had a lot of people ask me why I wasn't on YouTube and to be honest, the timing never felt right. However, I started noticing a trend of people asking me how I do my curls and, after conducting a poll on my Insta-stories, I felt like a curl tutorial might be a good video to start off with :) And so my "Negin Mirsalehi Inspired Hair Tutorial" was born.

** Watch it here below.

If you liked the video, go ahead and comment, like and/or subscribe to my channel <3

So what's next?

I only plan on uploading YouTube videos once a month. Why?

• First, they are super time consuming. It took me a few weeks to film and edit the first video.

• Second, I only want to publish videos you guys request or are really interested in! This channel is for you guys <3

• Third, I don't want to promise you more frequent videos and not be able to deliver.

So if you guys have any videos you would like to see on my channel, comment below! :)

For now I am still discovering this whole YouTube world, but I would love for this channel to be a place where you can see a little more of my personality. My Instagram is a very curated feed of my daily lifestyle and outfits, while my blog is a place for tips, tricks and more explanation behind the pics you see on Instagram. For this channel, I want the content to be a little more "raw" and maybe even a little bit funny. I guess we'll see ;)


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