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Cute Things To Do In the Cold in Montreal

Hey guys,

Welcome back to my blog! I know I've been very absent recently, I have been taking things a little slow to focus on school (it's my last semester!!)

The weather has been particularly annoying here in Montreal in the past few weeks but despite this, us Montrealers still find some ways to work around this and have fun in the city! It may be cold or rainy but there's always someplace to see or something to do. Today I wanted to share with you what I've been up to (outside) these past few weeks and maybe inspire you to go out and enjoy the last (hopefully) little bit of winter we have left. So weather you are a tourist coming into town this winter or next winter or a local just looking for fun, here's my winter guide to Montreal.

Ice Skating in Old Montreal

Ice skating in Old Montreal has been around for a while, but now with the recently added ferris wheel, it's has never been so beautiful to skate down there. Gather your friends and make a day out of it!

Sightseeing at Mount Royal

You've seen the photos online and on Instagram, the Mount Royal lookout is absolutely stunning. There's always something magical happening up there.. just last week when I went a man proposed to his girlfriend!

Taking a Stroll on Sherbrooke Street

Taking a Stroll on Sherbrooke street. It's full of beautiful buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants and the popular Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


Have more ideas? Share them below! :)

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