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Back To School with Canadian Tire

Hey guys,

It's that time of year. Pencils, notebooks, calculators and (expensive) textbooks.. it's back to school time! It's my last year of university and it will be a big one! So I wanted to share with you what I'll be up to this year and how I plan to keep up with it all!


I have a few big projects that I will be working on this year, but the main one being that I am the co-president of a student run association at my university! As co-presidents, my friend and I manage a team of 14 individuals and organize events for students throughout the year, such as conferences, workshops, meet-and-greets and more! This is a full time commitment in itself, but I am excited about it because it is something that I've wanted to do and that really brings me joy! That being said, I am still a full time student so between going to class, attending meetings for my association, completing school work and planning events, school life will be pretty intense. I have an office within school and I practically live there already haha

Outside of school, but still academic, I am completing an online certificate in Fashion Essentials with Parsons. This is another project I am really excited about because I really want to focus more on fashion and pursue a career in fashion. So I registered online and am currently working on this certificate. If you have any questions about this certificate, shoot me a message and I will more than happy to talk about it with you!! :)

Finally, I will be working on this blog and as always, keeping up the daily Instagram hustle!! I am actually super excited for this coming year and hopefully there will be some new awesome projects in the works to show you guys!! Actually, today I am launching #FreebieFridays. One Friday a month (or more) I will be giving away some products to a lucky winner so make sure to follow my Instagram daily to find out how to win!! (


With all these commitments, it's important to me that I be well equipped to take on all these challenges during the year! I'm super excited to be partnering with Canadian Tire to help me achieve the ultimate set up that will help me be productive as hell this year. My desk and room game is super strong now and, oddly enough, I am now looking forward to the semester beginning!

So here are my super duper essentials for this back to school season:

  • The CANVAS Blaire Office Chair (cause if I'm going to be sitting down to long periods of time, my chair better be comfy!) This chair is now only $139.99! down from $199.99

  • A much needed Keurig Coffee machine (for late night study sessions)

  • Shelfie mirror (I mean a girl always needs a mirror right?) *You can keep it on your desk OR hang it up on a wall, it has a great "shelf" component!*

*Items gifted by Canadian Tire but all opinions are my own*

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