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A Guide to Winter Fashion

Hey guys,

I've gotten a lot of requests lately for tips on how to dress both appropriately and fashionably during Canada's very cold winters. So I've done my research and I've looked at some of my favourite influencers to craft you a quick guide on how to style your perfect winter ootds and let me tell you, it's more than just wearing sweaters and turtlenecks ;)


1. Cohesive tones

Coats aren't always the most attractive pieces in our closet and we're not about to buy a good quality, cute AND warm coat for a few hundred dollars just to look cute on Instagram. So let's work with what we've got. The best way to make your current coat work is to style your whole look around it. The easiest way is to use cohesive tones. If your coat is beige, stick to beige tones. If your coat is black, you can either opt for a whole black outfit (like below) or play around with keep it monochrome with an added pattern, like plaid, snakeskin or leopard.


2. Layering

The best way to add warmth to your outfit while still looking stylish is by layering key pieces. You can easily pop a blazer on top of your sweater/top and then add your coat over it. And if your worried that the blazer won't really show underneath, add a belt around the blazer to sinch the waist and add some depth to the outfit.

(Again, see how we're staying within the same tones?)


3. Wear stockings and cover up

Let's be honest, jeans are not the best material to wear during the winter. They get stiff very fast and just feel absolutely freezing on your skin. But jeans are super cute! So the best way to remedy this is to wear stockings under your pants. No matter what you wear (jeans or not), wearing stockings will add an extra layer of warmth that will help you last a little longer in the cold.

For added warmth, try and cover up all parts of your body (i.e ankles, neck, hands, wrists) because the less exposed skin you have, the warmer you will feel!


4. You don't have to wear a tuque

Honestly, tuques are warm yes but they don't suit everybody. If you have thin/flat hair, a tuque is your worst enemy. Not to mention that they always leave my hair super tangled. A great alternative is to wear a felt hat. A felt hat will protect your head and add another dimension to your outfit.


5. Add a belt

Finally, if you feel like your outfit is looking quite ordinary and you are lacking inspiration, just add a belt! It'll instantly make your coat more chic and give you an edge. Belts are a huge trend at the moment so don't hesitate to go a little wild with the belt, it could really pay off and take the look to a whole new level. If you add a belt, you will hide most of what you are wearing underneath, so this is a good option if all your nicest sweaters are in the wash and you're out of cute clothing ;)


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