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Spring Trends You'll Love

Hey guys,

Welcome back to the blog! How you been?

The new year is here, there's still snow on the ground here in Montreal, but it's already time to start looking at the upcoming Spring trends! Back in December, I had the pleasure of attending Le Chateau's Spring Collection preview and discover some of these trends first hand! This Spring collection has to be my favourite Le Chateau collection yet. Every year they get better and better!

This spring, we'll be seeing a lot of neutrals, whites and pale colours. It's a season of reinvented classics that we're all going to fall in love with for sure. After attending some SS19 shows and presentations last season at New York Fashion Week, I noticed a lot of neutrals going down the runway, especially from KUHO and House of Nonie. Other brands presented more colours, but usually in paler tones like baby blues and soft pinks (a lot of Australian brands featured this). However, I believe the colours will start showing up more as the weather gets warmer.

Before I jump into the trends, I want mention three quick things:

1. Le Chateau has broadened their size range and now includes all the way up to 22W. This is huge and so important for the collection to be available to all!

2. Although all the pieces features are from Le Chateau, these are overall trends of the season that I'm sure we'll be seeing everywhere!!

3. The pieces featured below hit stores between Feb 6th and March 1st. But the collection as a whole it already in some stores and continues all Spring!

So here we go!


Longer Blazers

The blazer is a staple in any season, but for the SS19 season, they are coming back with a little more length. I love it.


Earthy tones

This is a trend that I am SUPER excited about. Full looks of earthy tones are going to be very trendy and they are a good alternative to greys and blacks for those who don't wear much colour. These earthy tones are going to be the new neutrals.


Lucite accessories and shoes

If you're like me and have no idea what lucite means, it actually refers to the plastic material used to make those clear handbags. That's right, clear handbags are in. This season we'll also be seeing this clear plastic on shoes as well and let me tell you, it'll look stunning on your feet!


Snakeskin is in the new black

Last FW18, leopard print was everywhere and we were starting to spot snakeskin in accessories and some clothing items, but now it's pushing leopard print to the side. Le Chateau has this stunning white snakeskin leather jacket coming out that I know everyone will love. And guess what? Their lucite bag has white snakeskin handles!


New Trench Coats

Trench coats have been around forever, however, this season we have a few cute variations to the classic trench that will make everyone you cross paths with green with envy.


oh and FYI... Tiny sunglasses are still the hottest accessory


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