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My New York Fashion Week

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

Hey guys,

Back from New York and catching up on a lot of work. I had an AMAZING week in New York so I want to share with you some of the stuff that happened and some of my looks during the trip. Before we go any further, no I didn't go to NYFW (duh!) because that's in September, but hopefully I'll get there one day! For now, my version of New York Fashion Week will have to do ;)



On my first day I hung out around NYC and met up, for the first time, with my Insta bestie Natalie! @herpersonatalie (go follow her seriously) We had never met before, just chatted over Instagram and so I hit her up before my trip wondering if she'd like to hang out and she said yes! (why do I sound like I'm proposing to her haha). So, naturally, we did the most girly/blogger activity you can think of: desserts at Ladurée in SoHo. Natalie posted a super great article about the place on her blog (click here to read it) and I've borrowed a few of her pictures to share with you!

Photo credit: Natalie Szczechowski

What I'm wearing:

Top // Le Chateau (it's now on sale for $29.99!!)



On my second day, a Monday, I began my NYC internship!! As a marketing student, I was super stocked to do this mini one week internship in NYC. They had me working on a clothing brand for my project, thus enhancing my whole "fashion week" even more. First day went great and when the day was over, I met up with another Insta bestie, Nkenge! @itsnkenge (go follow her too) This was our first time meeting as well and we got iced chai lattes (we both have the same go-to drink!!), took pics, got desserts from Magnolia Bakery and just had fun!

What I'm wearing:

Top // Le Chateau

Bottom // Garage Clothing

Bag // Myztique

Sunglasses // Urban Outfitters (no longer available, but they have an amazing selection of glasses!)



Day three was pretty regular, I spend the full day at my internship and had a Skype meeting in the evening so I just hung around my hotel. I did, however, make a quick trip to Eataly (because everyone keeps raving about it!) and got some gelato! I freaking love gelato, especially pistachio gelato. So I got two scoops and after about a minute they fall out of the cone.. I miraculously caught them with my hand, but these two girls looked at me with the saddest face ever. I was like "I know, it's the saddest thing ever seen. Gelato in my hands, which have been on the NYC subway." So yeah, that was a bust. Not only did I not have ice cream anymore, but my hands were sticky. Hey, it was good while it lasted!



Oh boy, now this is THE DAY. When I met Natalie on day one, she invited me to be her +1 at this event she was invited to. Sooooo obviously I said yes. TURNS OUT it was a freaking FASHION SHOW! I hope you saw all my Instagram stories cause it was quite a night. First of all, I'd like to start by thanking Natalie for bringing me, I am so lucky to have met her!!! If you reading girl, I LOVE YOU.

So the night show was brought to us by cotton (the fabric of our lives) and bloomingdales, in collaboration with Who What Wear. The show was called "60 second fashion show" because it was filmed and the footage will be compiled into a 60 second shoppable video. This first ever shoppable video. Guys, I witnessed history! The room was full of my version of celebrities: major influencers and it was hosted by Kristin Cavallari (the girl from The Hills!). The show was followed by an open bar after party woot woot. Needless to say, it was a blast!

Thanks Nat! xoxo

(Hopefully this is the beginning of a new chapter where I attend New York Fashion Week eventually)

What I'm wearing:

Top // Le Chateau



Last day of my internship in the city, I had a huge presentation to do and, guess what.. I killed it. I really had a great time working on my special little project with the New York team and who knows, maybe I'll go back one day ;)

After work, I needed to find something to do so I went down towards Washington Square park area to get me some cookie dough. There's this place there called DO Cookie Dough Confections and it serves cookie dough you can eat raw!! It exploded on social media and has become an it place to be. Only problem is that lines are crazy long and it can take between 1 and 3 hours to get your dough... I knew that no one would ever want to wait in line with me so I decided to go while I was alone. I waited... 12 minutes. AMAZING. In and out in 20 minutes and it was so good!!

What I'm wearing:

Top // Le Chateau

Bag // Myztique



Ahh the last day in New York has finally arrived. I have got to admit.. I really liked being in the city alone. I could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted and I had the whole hotel room to myself. So on this last day, I slept in, packed up, headed out slowly and basically just wandered around.

I went to SoHo, got some macarons, went to the Dominique Ansel bakery, found an sort of flea market and just lived the NYC life for a little longer! I had a really great time in New York and I am very thankful that I got to make new friends in the city!

Until next time NYC!


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