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Bite Beauty: Reviewing The New Lip Pencils

Hey guys,

This week is a beauty feature: Bite Beauty new lip pencils! Although I have received these items complementary from Influenster for testing purposes, the opinions are all my own :)


I received their new lip pencils in two shades (020 and 044) along with two matching lipsticks (honeycomb and whiskey respectively). Their products have ADDICTIVELY creamy coverage and are adored by MUAs (I asked my favourite makeup artist Christina Lewis to be sure hehe). Plus, they are made in Canada and inspired by natural lip tones.


Given my extremely pale skin, the two shades I received gave me a good girl / bad girl vibe, as you can see further below.

Personally, I would never wear such a dark shade as the Whiskey, I don't find it suited my skin tone very well. The Honeycomb shade, however, was the perfect pinky nude shade for me and I have already worn a few times!

The LIP pencils worked really well for defining the contour of the lips, no doubt there and I can see what the hype was about :) Although the lip pencil colour and lipstick colour of the darker shade didn't quite match, the lighter shades were a perfect match and I adored them!!

I really liked how rich the colour is and how creamy the application is. As a person who doesn't wear a lot of makeup, I still prefer liquid mat lipsticks because of how easy they are to apply and how long they last compared to regular lipsticks like this one, but I very much like these new lip pencils. Matched with a liquid mat lipstick, the pairing would be AMAZING.

Now that we know what I think, let's see how they looked ;)




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