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Signature Piece: Styling The Coach Saddlebag

Coach Saddle Bag

Hey guys,

I few weeks ago I partnered up with Coach for the Holiday season with their stunning saddlebag in glovetanned leather to celebrate their 75th anniversary! #Coach75 #CoachHoliday I received this beautiful thing just in time for Christmas, making the holidays extra special. I've been wearing it out and about ever since and wanted to share with you one of my favourite looks to pair it with!

This bag is made from real leather so it is so soft and feels amazingly luxurious! Further down you will see partly the interior of the bag and it's the cutest orange and even softer!!

MY FAVORITE PART: The color. It is a neutral shade that pairs well with my wardrobe!! I also needed a leather bag in my collection so I'm so proud to add this one!

PRACTICALITY? SUPER. I'm really happy about its size. I have a tendency to bring EVERYTHING with me everywhere I go even though I truly only need a third of it, so with this bag I only bring what I need. It ends up being way lighter to carry and hurts both my arms and back less.

Now let's keep in mind, it is the middle of winter here in Montreal and normally I would pair this all black look with a simple, elegant black strap heel, but COME ON. Look at that snow! Imma rock the flats booties until I can actually see the street ;)


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