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New Year's Resolutions


Hey guys!

Can you believe its 2017 already? I can't. I can assure you that for a few weeks I'll be mistakingly writing 2016 on all documents, secretly protesting our move into a new year ;) So with the new year comes the famous 'new year's resolution'. To be honest, I've never really made any resolutions of any kind for the new year. Probably cause I know I wouldn't keep them (oups), but I firmly believe that everything has its time so why push all expectations onto January 1st? Although I TOTALLY respect the concept of setting out to better one's self, in my opinion there's a time and place for every goal so don't feel like to you need to absolutely make a new goal right now. You've got plenty of time :)


So what are some goals I can already say I would like to achieve this year?

1. Spend more time with friends and family

2. Grow my baby: STAINS ØF SUNSHINE

3. Grow my other baby: Instagram

4. Visit a new country

5. Be more positive (although I had already started working on this "last" year)


I'm confident that with a positive attitude and some hard work I can achieve at least a few of these ;) But, I'm obviously aiming for 100%. One thing that has always helped me is keeping a paper agenda (yes paper in 2017), it really helps me plan everything and stay on track!! :) I can't live without it haha


All year round :) Never give up on something you really want!

Spoiler alert: Flights have already been booked.. ;)


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