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Monthly Newbies // DECEMBER

Hey guys,

I have been MIA for a few weeks now and I apologize. I have been extremely caught up with school and helping out with holiday shopping. But I'm back now (yay!) and have for you some of my new favourite things that I got or bought this month. Cause even though it's the season of giving, it never hurts to treat yourself a little bit ;)


1. Denim Skirt

I've wanted a jean skirt for a while now but I had never managed to find one that was the perfect length and fit nicely until this one. It's not too short and is stretchy which I prefer and when I saw it was on sale? SOLD. It was perfect timing because I was also thinking to myself that I barely wear any skirts (or own any for that matter) so it fits completes my wardrobe nicely.

Where to buy? HM

How much? $20 (on sale from $39.99) **Sale is in stores only, not online


2. LUSH Shower Jelly

I made a trip to Lush to get a much wanted bath bomb and stumbled upon their shower jellies which act like a soap and was intrigued. She tested a few for me so I could see how they work and I fell in love with this holiday one. It is in the shape of a snowman AND it smells freaking amazing. I honestly am addicted to its scent. Definitely a must on my list!!

Where to buy? LUSH Cosmetics

How much? $6.95 (get it while its still the holiday season because it is a limited edition!)


3. Glitter Polaroid Frames

I got these from my secret santa in a gift exchange and I just think these are the cutest little gifts for someone who has a polaroid! The perfect stocking stuffer if you need a (really) last minute idea. I mean how cute would these look on a desk?? Adorable.

Where to buy? Urban Outfitters

How much? $8.00 each


4. Revlon "Not Just Nudes" Palette

I bought this palette especially for the holidays so I could get some more glamorous looks than I usually do. It is a great palette for beginners like me because the colours are safe yet gorgeous. It even comes with its own little brush for application.

Where to buy? Any drugstore or even Walmart, thought I got mine at Jean Coutu!

How much? $17.96


5. Black Heels

They are so simple yet elegant. I was looking for a shoe to wear with a particular dress. These were the perfect item to complete my outfit and with such a good deal, I couldn't resist ;) I wore them all night yesterday and they were quite comfortable! I was pleasantly surprised, usually after an hour or two my feet are in such pain that I give the heels up!

Where to buy: Call It Spring

How much: $27.99 (down from $49.99)

Well, that's it for now ;) Next week I'll be reflecting on 2016 and talking about what's coming for 2017!!


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