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What's On My Desk // Desk Tour

Hey guys,

I just want to start off by saying: THANK YOU! I've been getting so much positive feedback from you guys and it just warms my heart! So thank you :)

Today, I wanna show you my desk. The place where all this magic happens ;) I will go into detail below about what exactly is on my desk on a typical day.

The Desk

My desk in mainly decorated with everything and anything that inspires me or means something to me. There are a lot of souvenirs from my travels and pictures. For instance, the hat at the top is one that I brought back from Vietnam back in 2012. I have a vase with fake flowers, because I love flowers but can't afford fresh flowers every week! I also have these cute little lights going around the cork board because it adds a little magic.

The Cork Board

At the back I have a cork board to which I pin stuff like magazine clippings, photo booth pictures, little things to represent special projects I've worked on or places I've been. You can see some hockey tickets, glow sticks from concerts, a sticker from a club in Ibiza, etc.

Right Side

I usually keep the month's magazines and today I have Aimee Song's new book that I just bought at Indigo a few days ago (I'm waiting until midterms are over to start over). I also have my pens, pencils and highlighters close in this cute "candle holder" from Ikea. (And yes, that's a flashlight at the back haha, I don't know why because I never use it). I also have a bottle, because if I'm drinking something at my desk, it needs to be closed or else I would always be nocking it over... And I just love this bottle from My Daniel Glass.

Left Side

First of all, there is always a candle somewhere on my desk. I love candles. Love 'em. Second you will always find my calendar and agenda around because I put EVERYTHING in there. The frame you see at the top left corner contains a leaf that a local elderly man gave me while I was visiting Vietnam. I kept it, dried it and framed it. I also have a mini-frame with a polaroid inside. This one was taken in Nice, France.

The Shelf

The shelf mostly contains more souvenirs from travels around the world. From left to right, here's what you can find:

(1) a little polaroid of my cat and baby me, (2) a framed postcard from Miami, (3) some starfish from Hampton Beach, (4) you can see very well but there's a tiny blue and white ceramic plate that I got from a city called Segovia, in Spain, (5) a tiny souvenir bottle of Spanish sangria, (6) a souvenir from London, aka the famous red telephone booth, (7) a ceramic street name from Madrid, (8) some polaroids, (9) there's a tiny little painted egg from Prague, (10) a birthday card my friend Jeremy gave to me last year, (11) an (empty) box of Ladurée macarons from Paris, (12) some Ladurée ribbons (I kinda collect them), (13) some sand from India that my sister brought back for me and last but not least, (14) a framed shell from Hampton Beach.


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