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Post Exchange: 3 Weeks Later


Hey guys,

I've officially been home for three weeks now and my return has gone way smoother than I had anticipated. We had been warned that upon our return we would experience some "reverse homesickness" that would occur from coming back home to normal, somewhat boring life. However, I have found that although I miss all my friends, the Spanish food, travelling every weekend and the overall European lifestyle, I am not "sad" to be back home.

Personally, I find that what triggers sadness or feeling blue the most is boredom. I was afraid I would come back and have nothing but boring, dull things to do, such as tell my credit card company I'm back in Canada, do some laundry and attend summer school. Yes, I am currently enrolled in summer school. But I filled my time with fun activities and fun people as a precaution. I made sure that I took summer classes with friends and have started working with the John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA) as Coordinator of Public Relations and Speakers which is SO #JMMAMAZING ;)

I look back on this experience as the "best time of my life". I say this in quotation marks because that's what I tell people when they ask me how it was over there. I knew that studying abroad would be fun, but never thought it would be that great. I remember feeling super homesick for about two weeks and hoping to god that it would get fun at some point. Thankfully, it did. If I had to give you a quick summary of my five months abroad, here's how it would go: I spend five months travelling all over Europe, eating Belgian waffles in Belgium and Fish & Chips in England, laughing, having a great time, with the occasional homework on the side. **Speaking of food... I've decided that next week I'll be uploading an article all about, you guessed it... FOOD. Anyways, back to business.

As the days, weeks and months passed by, we all knew that our day would come to go back home to our regular lives. Some earlier than others, but we all had to home sometime. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel for four and half weeks before returning home after the semester. Which, in retrospect, gave me a unique 'transition period' between the exchange student lifestyle and the home lifestyle. Instead of going from (A) breakfast, lunch and dinner with twenty something BFFs everyday to (B) waking up on the wrong side of your own bed and realizing all your friends have full-time jobs and no time to hang out, I took a short visit through AB (get what I did there?), which allowed me to adjust to the idea of not seeing these people nearly as often. Because the reality is, some of these people I may never see again, and other I may only get to see in a few years time.

So, next thing you know I'm counting down the days until I fly back to Montreal, wondering, however the hell I'm gonna feel about all this when I get back. "All good things come to an end", we know. But I sincerely took this attitude when trying to process the end of my adventure. I remember on my last day of elementary school, crying because I was afraid that high school would suck. I remember having that same feeling (minus the crying... OK, maybe I cried) about the end of high school. Are we gonna stay in touch with our friends? Are people going to like me at this new school? And so on. However, one thing is common is that the next step was always way better. So yes, I'm not gonna lie, I already miss all the travelling and AMAZING FOOD (cause let's be honest pizza and gelato just isn't the same now that I've had the best) BUT, for now I'm keeping hope that whatever comes next will be even betterer ;)


P.S Shoutout to the beautiful people in my cover picture, can't wait to work with you guys! Love y'all xx

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