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Hi guys!

If you haven't seen my latest Instagram post yet, I just announced that I am participating in PROJECT NM's "SELF-MADE" campaign and sharing with you guys what makes me a SELF-MADE MILLENNIAL.

In case you missed it, or simply don't have Instagram, here's the post:

(Yeah the screenshot on the left is amazing I know...)

I first heard of PROJECT NM through Instagram (what else?) and immediately fell in love with the concept! Nicole, the founder, created a place where all #GirlBosses could connect with one another and help support each other rather than tearing the competition down. Since I've known about PROJECT NM I've gotten to know Nicole a little bit and she is the sweetest person ever, and truly cares about each and everyone that signs up to be a part of her "tribe".

The "SELF-MADE MILLENNIAL" campaign was created as a way for badass women all over the world to get connected and share what makes them so awesome, all while inspiring others. Seeing others post about their hard work, struggles, and long nights motivates you to push further. If she can do it, I can do it!

Nicole puts it this way: "This isn’t just another campaign; this is a movement of unapologetic #girlbosses who are determined to make a difference and make it to the top, together!"

So what are you waiting for? If you're a #girlboss then go ahead and sign up for her emails (they are really awesome!) on their website or just follow PROJECT NM on Instagram @shop_projectnm and get connected with other passionate, hard working women!


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