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6 Things I Do To Keep Busy

As my fourth week in Madrid continues, I have finally settled into some sort of "routine" that fills up my time. Back at home, my schedule is very tight and if ever I get bored, there's always someone willing to go to the local coffee shop or a friend to hang with. At home, we can always find something to do because we know everything there is to know about the town. Here, matters are a little different. Since I am new here, when I get bored I am not really sure what to do. That's when these 6 things come into play. I hope these things help you next time you have absolutely nothing to do (should that ever happen) or if you're just looking for new things to do!

1. Explore On Your Own

Never be afraid just to get out there! I love going out and about to get a feel of the city. One of my favorite things is finding a cute cafe terrasse and reading a book or the local newspaper to pass time.

2. Hang Out With Your New Friends

I mean, obviously. Last week I posted an article about the amazing people I have met here. So if you meet people that you want to hang out with, then hang out with them. It'll be way more fun than staying in and doing homework!

3. Workout

A couple weeks before leaving Canada, I started a workout routine with a personal trainer at Own Your Health. When I moved here I promised myself that I would continue to workout and improve my overall health. So I have been working out every two days in the gym here in the residence. Working out is great for your overall mood and also getting your mind off things.

4. Netflix

When it doubt, Netflix can always come in handy. It also helps me learn spanish. I usually watch one of my favorite movies in Spanish with Spanish subtitles to help me learn quicker. ¡Funciona! It is a quick way to get your mind off things when you're feeling down and there's always something good to watch. Personally, I just finished Jessica Jones and whoa was that good.

5. Work On A Project

Find a cool project that you would like to work and just do it! For me, this blog is my project. Choose something you like and stick to it, you never know what it could bring you.

6. Plan Travels & Well... TRAVEL!

I have been planning a lot of travels lately. I can't wait to start exploring Europe. This weekend I am heading out to Germany! Next week you will find a photo diary of my weekend getaway.


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