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All About The People You Meet

This one is going to be short and sweet I promise.

To be perfectly honest, I was feeling pretty homesick these past couple of weeks and the best way to overcome this feeling is to get out and do stuff. Unfortunately, going out downtown alone usually doesn't sound very appealing. This is where your friends come in. New friends in this case.

It is all about the people you meet. Since I live in a residence hall I had the opportunity to meet many other international students. I'll spare you the boring introductions on how we all became friends. All you need to know is that they are one awesome group of people (see photo below for proof).

These awesome people come from all over the world. Even in your home town, the people you hang with always greatly determine the fun you have. This holds true even more here because these friends are the only people you have. Without your friends, family and even neighbors, you are left here with strangers. Meeting new people is always encouraged, but having a 'crew' or 'squad' is something we all want am I right? ;)

These past two weeks have been pretty awesome thanks to them. We all eat together at the cafeteria and hang out on weeknights and weekends. It's like high school all over again, except without the drama and the gossip. Okay, there may still be gossip ( what? It's human nature).

My favorite part about this group is that there is absolutely no judgement. You be you, and I'll be me. I've never been around such accepting people in my life. Everyone can just be themselves, no reputations to keep up because no one knows each other. I can go down to breakfast in my PJs and no one cares! Every article I've read about student exchanges say that you will share a special bond with the other international students, and I must agree with them. Though it is pretty hard to explain exactly how it feels, there is something really special about international students getting together in another country and having fun.

Pure happiness.


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