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Sydney Travel Guide

G'day mates!!

I'm back from the land down under and ready to share all about my trip to Australia! So if you've come to find out more about this foreign land, you've come to the right place.

I have been MIA for over a month, focusing on my finals and travels. When I travel, I usually don't spend much time on a computer so therefore I took a break from posting new articles. But I am back now and I've got plenty to share. For those of you who are perhaps reading my blog for the first time or don't come around too often (don't worry, I don't bite), I've just come back from a three week trip to Australia, where I visited Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Alice Springs/Uluru. It was a crazy trip to a dream destination and I will make sure to write a separate post about the purpose of my trip and why I went here alone!

Now given it was pretty long trip, I will be splitting the content by city, beginning with... SYDNEY!

So let's get started already!


To see: Circular Key, The Rocks, Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, Museum of Contemporary Art

The city is a beautiful place, and as I do in every city, I did a walking tour around the city to learn more about its history and components. A walking tour, in my opinion, is a really good way to start a trip because it can help you get an idea of what you would like to see more of in the city during your stay.


A classic, very classy, high tea cruise on the harbour, complete with finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and sparkling rosé. So fun to spend a few hours sipping tea and eating with a view of the Sydney Opera house and the harbour. I definitely recommend, but make sure to dress appropriately :)


Tip: Get drinks at Sydney Opera Bar, it has an awesome view of the Opera House and has a really cool vibe! If an outdoor bar itsn't your thing, or you are looking for an even better Instagram worthy spot, go to Hacienda! Look it up and you'll understand ;)


If you have time, I recommend getting away from the city for a night and perhaps renting an Airbnb by the beach. My friends had a beach house on the Central Coast (Toowoon Bay) that we went to, which was the perfect location after to make a detour to Morisset Park. Morisset Park is a free, open park where kangaroos just hop around and where you can interact with them "in the wild". This is where I took my selfie with the kangaroos :)


The perfect spot to see kangaroos and take the cutest pics!! It's free and totally worth the detour!

TIP: Bring banana, they love bananas.


Oh Bondi, what a place. I know it is SUPER touristy, but there's an obvious reason why. IT'S ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. My suggestion? Go early to avoid the crowds, start the walk along the coast and stop to swim at another beach. The walk is stunning and, SPOILER, the water is the same at any beach you'll see along that walk ;) so pick a less crowd one.


And finally, FOOD. You didn't really think I wouldn't take about food did you?! Never forget to eat good food when you are travelling, try out those popular restaurants. Please don't eat fast food the entire duration of your trip just to save money. Looking back, it will never be worth it, that I can promise you.

And if you ever make the trip to Australia, don't forget to BRUNCH! Breakfast burgers, avocado toasts, hotcakes, flat whites... it's just soooo goooooood.


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