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24 hours at the Four Seasons Montreal

Hi everyone!!!

Today I'll be reviewing the Four Seasons Montreal as the destination for a perfect staycation... if you're ready to splurge ;)

My friend Katie and I were invited as media so the stay was gifted to us, but all opinions are my own. We couldn't have asked for a better stay and I'm excited to share the details with you!


5pm Check-In


The bed, gorgeous. The pink sofa, gorgeous. The bathroom, gorgeous. I loved every inch of this room, it was honestly breathtaking and the content creator's dream. I will say, however, that the view from our room wasn't the best, although not the worst. We had a view of the corner of Montagne and Maisonneuve. My favorite thing in the room was the pink sofa, for obvious reasons.


6pm Get Ready for A Night ... In


This room had a bunch of mirrors, perfect for girl's getting ready together. The bathroom is huge and the toiletries were Byredo. Yes Byredo, the brand that sells $95 hand cream. THAT Byredo.


7:30pm Dinner Reservations


Oh my. To give you, the reader, a little context, indoor and outdoor seating in restaurants were closed for 8 months here in Montreal due to the pandemic. Yes 8 long months. Our stay was shortly after restaurants finally reopened so the energy inside was amazing. The place was packed and you could tell people were so happy to be out and about. This restaurant is beautiful and even prettier in the daylight.


Our appetizers were a swordfish neck thinly sliced in the style of charcuterie, a whole fillet crudo and a plate of grilled octopus. I enjoyed the grilled octopus the most, I give it a 8/10. The crudo was good, I liked the flavours of thai basil and chili, I would give it a 7/10. Finally the swordfish was my least favorite dish, it just wasn't up my alley, I would rate is at a 6/10.

Our main courses were delicious and worth stuffing our faces. I had the filet mignon with black truffle and white asparagus. I would rate is as an easy 9/10. The cook on the filet was perfect and I enjoyed every bite. Katie has the spaguetti picadilly with lobster. She adored it.

For dessert, we had the Quebec red fruit tart. This tart alone is $44. It's safe to say it's the most expensive dessert I've ever had. The crust was almond based with olive oil, so gluten free. The pie featured Quebec berries and edible flowers as pictured above. It came accompanied with a delicious pina colada sorbet. Delicious. 9/10.

We had quite a bit to drink and so many laughs. Our waiter Kenny was a real pro at ensuring we had the night of our lives.

OH and P.S. Make sure you check out the bathroom... perfect selfie spot.


10am Order Breakfast in Bed


We definitely had eyes bigger than our stomach when ordering this meal. We didn't want to miss out so we ordered a bit of everything. The service was impeccable. We ordered straight from the in-room tablet and everything came incredibly quickly. I forgot to order croissants so our waiter went back to get some. When he returned he said: "I'm so sorry for the delay, I decided to bake some fresh for you ladies". I mean, come on!!!


1pm Poolside naps


Due to covid, the pool area needs to be reserved so you can have the entire area to yourself. So while Katie enjoyed a spa treatment, I had the entire pool and spa area to myself. Complete with a heated pool, a sauna, steam room, countless lounge beds, complimentary water bottles and snacks. A true experience.

4pm Check Out



For a first stay at a Four Seasons hotel, I truly understand why they have a 5 star rating. This stay was unlike any other. The staff and service was unparalleled. Every single element of this staycation was on another level, from the food, to the room, to the experiences.

I highly recommend a staycation here, I know you will have a great time <3

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