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The Eurotrip Ends: AMSTERDAM

Hey guys,

The time has finally come to present to you the last destination in my Eurotrip series, I guess all good things must come to an end! So here you have it, the last destination: AMSTERDAM!

By the end of the trip, I've been travelling for five months already and I. Am. So. Tired. haha! Who knew I would get tired FROM travelling (never tired OF travelling obviously). After visiting 16 countries and over 40 cities, my travel style was quite different from someone visiting Europe for the first time. Rosalie and I just wanted to walk around, shop, go to bed early and sleep in.

We met an American travelling solo at our hostel and he joined us during our stay in the city. We went around to the typical tourist places and had a usual tourist first, complete with a walking tour and all ;) We waited in line for the Anne Frank museum and ate many many stroopwafels <3

For day two, we were meeting up with a friend of ours, Nino, who was coming into Amsterdam for the day to hang out with us. Unfortunately, it rained a lot that day so after braving the cold, wet day for a while we decided to head back to the hostel and watch a movie. This resulted in us arguing over which Harry Potter movie to watch and ending up all sitting in one, tiny hostel room bed.

On our third day we went around town again and mid-day we split from the guys to do some shopping and head back to back our own stuff. This was our last day in Europe. We were coming back to Canada after months abroad. We sat in bed trying to process it all. It was one of the oddest feelings I have ever felt. This amazing experience is coming to an end and yet you're kinda happy to go home and see your friends and family and you know it's time to go but you wish you could travel forever.

You may have noticed, as time went by, my articles presented fewer pictures. When travelling during my last weeks in Europe I found myself taking less pictures. After travelling Europe for four months, while living in Madrid, travelling wasn't as much 'visiting' anymore for me. It became more of a 'let's just enjoy the beautiful scenery before we know it this will all be over'. We really wanted to just sit back and enjoy our last moments of this extraordinary experience.

Now, as I write the last article in the Eurotrip series, it has officially sunk it that this is really over, but I know that I'll be back again soon Europe! Now that I've mastered the art of travel (hehe) I can't stop there. I have so many more places that I want to go and I have all these new international friends I want to visit all over the world. I better start saving up now cause I have a feeling my future is going to be pretty expensive ;)


Canal in Amsterdam

Bikes in Amsterdam

Alley in Amsterdam

Night lights in Amsterdam

Bikes, Amsterdam and I

Courtyard in Amsterdam

I am Amsterdam


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