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Hey guys,

The Eurotrip series is almost over, but there are still a few destinations left! This week: BELGIUM!

Once again, we were joined by Antonia for our little visit. We spent our first day visiting Bruges. The trains were all late so we had a tough time getting there and although it rained a little, that didn't stop us! We walked around, ate waffles and took pictures of all the swans (they are SO cute).

In the evening, we made our way back to the hostel in Brussels and proceeded to play foosball. We were in a room of four, there were bunk beds and two individual beds, so Antonia and I pushed the two beds together so we could have a "slumber party" (I guess being even one meter closer was important). This trip would also be the last time I saw Antonia in person, so maybe that was why... (But don't worry because we keep in touch everyday and we've also skyped a few times ;) )

We skyped Thomas, one of our friends that lived with us in Madrid. It's always nice to catch up with good friends :) The next day, we visited Brussels. We saw the Manneken Pis, Les Galeries Royales, the Guildhouses, we ate the famous Belgian fries (which are delicious BTW), and had wayyyyyyyy to many waffles, but who actually cares ;)

Had a great time in Belgium, wish I had a crazy anecdote to tell, maybe next time?


Street in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Belgian waffles

Girl on bridge in Bruges, Belgium

Bridge in Bruges, Belgium

Les Galeries Royales, Brussels, Belgium

Manneken pis, Brussels, Belgium

Guild houses in Brussels, Belgium

Belgian fries at Fritland, Brussels, Belgium

Girls in front of Guild houses in Brussels, Belgium

Skype session with friends in Brussels, Belgium

Street in Brussels, Belgium

View of Brussels, Belgium
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