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This week comes the next chapter in the Eurotrip series, a little trip to Dublin! My cousin and I joined Rosalie again to spend a little time in Dublin for her birthday.

Ireland, just like London, is known to be pretty gloomy most of the time. But the lucky birthday girl got a full day of sunshine on her 21st!! We spend the first day taking tours and walking around the city. We even tried finding a Tim Hortons, cause, well let's face it I'm Canadian and hadn't seen a Tim Hortons in over 4 months. We didn't find any...

On our second day we took at day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. To get there you need to cross the country. We spent a few hours in a bus crossing Ireland and it was breathtaking. The bus made a pit stop for food and bathroom break and THERE WAS A TIM HORTONS!! We got to the cliffs and got to spend some time walking around and naturally we went off the path ;) It's a little dangerous, but it makes for really nice photos ;)


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