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Just Touched Down in London Town

Hey guys,

This week I bring you to one of my favourite places... LONDON!

Both my grandmothers are originally from England, so naturally I have always wanted to visit this country. To make things even more special, we reached out to some relatives in the area and got to spend a lovely evening with them. We did all the typical touristy stuff (obviously): fish & chips, Abbey Road picture, Buckingham Palace, changing of the guards, Big Ben, Notting Hill, Platform 9 3/4 and.... the classic red phone booths.

Not only did we have supper with relatives of ours, which we had never met, but we also had dinner with Antonia's family (the Aussies). Given that well, Antonia and I live at opposite ends of the world, it was quite a surprise that we could all meet up in London and get together. It was very kind of them to invite us over to their temporary home in the city. Thank you Catherine and David!

Overall I was extremely pleased with my experience in London and would return back anytime. And I mean ANYTIME. Any takers?


P.S. Oh and obviously the sky is grey.. this is London we are talking about ;)

Just putting this out there... My birthday is coming up and that pink/blue one is looking pretty good ;)

I'm home Kate!

We know it's not the right angle, but the right one is impossible to get with this many cars around.

Royal ducks. Kidding.

This museum was free. FREE. Nothing is free in London :o

Now... A little bit of food.

We tried pork crackling and yorkshire pudding and YUM.

Pistachio rose cupcake cause "why not".

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