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Second Time Around ft. the Aussie

Hey guys,

Today I bring you yet again to... Paris! I love Paris (I mean what 21year old girl doesn't) and I am really happy I got the chance to come back for a second time and visit all the places I didn't have time to see first time around.

For instance, we got to visit the Chateau de Versailles, see the Palais Royal (not under construction) and my Australian bestie and I got to spend some extra time together before we both went back to our home countries.

(Oh my favorite snapchat filter was back, I mean WIN)

I am really happy we stopped by Paris during this Eurotrip. Last time I was here it was PFW and this time around the Eurocup was starting! I can't wait to see which event will take me back to Paris! Third time's a charm...


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