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Hey guys,

This week as part of the Eurotrip series, I bring you to Copenhagen, Denmark!

I really liked Copenhagen. We met two guys from England and hung with them for a while, ate ice cream by the famous Nyhavn and visited Christiania. Christiania is a special place inside, but not a part of, Copenhagen in which marijuana is legal and grows everywhere. It is truly a unique place. It features in Lukas Graham's music video for the song '7 Years' (which I LOVE, don't you?)

In Copenhagen, you have to try their hotdogs, which basically feature every topping you could imagine! Unfortunately, I couldn't taste anything due to my cold, but every else seemed to love it haha. You should also go on a tour and learn about the history of the country. Trust me it's WWII history is one of a kind. Did you know that they managed to save 99% of their jews during WWII? Truly inspiring.

My favourite place in the city in Nyhavn, the famous sight you see on all the postcards and it's not for nothing.

It is a beautiful city.


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