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Third Time's A Charm

Hey guys,

For my third visit to Germany, we went to Berlin and to Munich. That's right, I visited Germany on three separate occasions over the course of the semester. Remember, I went to Munich back in February to visit my friend and her grandmother, and then visited her family and her in April in Kassel. This time around, we visited the beautiful Berlin for the first time and returned to Munich to visit my friend one last time before coming back to Canada.

I remember Berlin as a cool city full of street art. I unfortunately fell sick with a terrible cold when I arrived in Berlin, but that never stopped me from walking around the city. It did, however, put me to sleep pretty early at night! We took a street art tour that allowed us to see a lot of street art around the city. On this tour we met two girls from Miami, FL who we later hung out with. When you are travelling in hostels you make friends kinda like you did when you were in kindergarten. Love ya Grace & Tori!

In Munich, we got to visit the city and spend a little time with my friend, Julia. Our first night, since I was still very sick, I fell asleep right when I got back to the hostel (at 8pm). Woke up three hours later, completely out of it and realized my phone was nowhere to be found. I was pissed. I was sick, tired and had just lost my iPhone in a city which I leaving the next day.. However, I went back to the place where I thought it might be early in the morning AND THEY HAD MY PHONE! Miracles can happen guys ;) Moral of the story, be VERY careful of your belongings when travelling.




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