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Naples and Amalfi Coast

Hey guys,

I know I'm waaaaay behind on articles and destinations, but I'm not giving up!

After the beautiful city of Nice, we moved on to Italy, one of my favourite countries! I have joined both Naples and the Amalfi Coast together because I only spent an afternoon in Naples and therefore, there isn't enough content to make up its own article.

When one goes to Naples, they visit Pompeii and the Vesuvius, among other attractions. However, I visited both those places when I visited Italy back in 2009. Naples came as a convenient stop to get to our next destination, the Amalfi Coast. I jokingly would tell people (not really joking though haha) that I was only going there for the pizza. And it didn't disappoint. The pizza was AH-MAZING. They say Naples has the best pizza in the world and I do agree!

Afterwards, we stayed for a few days in the Amalfi Coast. It was beautiful, however, I must admit I thought it was a teeny bit overrated. It is very expensive and not that much to see compared to other cities. BUT, the coast is breathtaking. If you are passing through the area, it is definitely worth seeing at least once :)

Anyways... Italy remains one of my favourite countries and I still loved visiting these two cities!

P.S. Next comes Rome: my favourite city, so get ready for an overload of pictures ;)




Yes... That's lemon sorbet served IN a lemon!

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