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EUROTRIP: It all began in... Porto

Hey guys!!

It's finally time! The EUROTRIP series begins, and today I bring you to Porto, our first destination. Our EUROTRIP is a 33 day trip across Europe, just the two of us, my cousin and I. So it all began in Porto.

This was my second visit to Portugal, haven visited Lisbon a few weeks earlier, but it was my cousin's first time in Portugal. We spent a short, but sweet, two day stay in the city and even made a new friend, Ole.

We took a tour, ate some traditional dishes, walked around the city and met a German who was travelling alone, Ole. He joined us and we had fun tasting port wine (who am I kidding, I didn't really drink any, lame I know but hey I tried them!) and tried some traditional foods, like Francesinha, which is essentially a meal-lover sandwich, covered in a 'spicy' sauce, cheese and topped with an egg. It is intense.

We found a peacock park where this male peacock was trying to impress the ladies. Now, I've never witnessed proper peacock flirting methods, nor do I know anything about the process, but this guy's method was not working out for him. Frustrated, he bolted towards her, screaming. I was a little concerned haha. Guys, take note, please don't run towards us screaming, it won't work ;)


P.S. Next week: NICE, FRANCE!

You probably know by now how much I love flowers...

Yep, this is THE peacock.

My hair has a mind of its own.

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