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Beach Time in Ibiza

Not so long ago, Antonia and I packed our bags, checked-in to our Ryanair flight and set our beach towels down on the beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Yep, IBIZA!! We were meeting up with two of the sweetest Italian girls I've ever met: Francesca and Elisa. It was the ultimate girls weekend. Now before you make up scenarios in your mind about what kind of crazy things happened that weekend, I must disappoint: we did not attend one single bar, club or party. The craziest thing that happened that weekend was the crazy bad sunburn we got from lying under on the beach too long without sunscreen #NaturalBornBadass.

Our weekend was short but very, very sweet. We spent half a day walking through the city taking pictures and eating food (somehow food is always a crucial part of all my articles). We spent the next day sunbathing on the beach and only sunbathing, but obviously we took breaks for food ;)

When we got back to Madrid on the Sunday, our friends asked us: "How was Ibiza?? What did you guys do?!" - "Not much, just sunbathed." - "That's it?" - "Yep, and it was amazing". Here's why it was so amazing: we spend our weekdays doing laundry and homework. On weekends we usually fly out of town and try to see as many things as possible in a weekend and end up walking around the city from 9am to 11pm, resulting in sore feet and very tired travellers. So when we had the opportunity to do absolutely nothing for a whole day, we took it. And it was probably the best idea we've ever had.

Would I go back to Ibiza? AB-SO-LUTE-LY. The place is gorgeous, the water is clear and the weather is great. I will definitely go back one day. In the meantime all I can do is look back at all the pictures we took.


(my view while lying on the beach)

Yes we got matching towels, deal with it ;)

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