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Semana Santa Part II: Easter Spirit In Prague

Ready for part II?

After spending a few days in the cold weather, eating lots of cheap food and taking advantage of those free tours (don't worry, we tip), we took a night train to Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague was, let's admit it, just as cold as Poland, which means I look like I've been wearing the same outfit for a week because I'm always wearing two sweaters, a scarf and a wind-breaker. Yeah, kinda wish I had invested in a warmer coat when I got to Spain, but hey it's too late now and who am I to complain anyway, I'm in Prague!

Prague had the most lovely Easter Markets in the main square, which had many little stands selling the traditional decorated easter eggs (yes I bought one and I'm really hoping that it makes it back to Canada in one piece). We got to visit the castle, the Lennon wall and above all, I GOT TO EAT THE MOST AMAZING TUNNEL CAKE ICE CREAM CONE. I was a little excited to say the least. My favourite thing about visiting Prague was the Easter spirit all around town, which is something that doesn't happen in Canada so it was very new to us and honestly, really nice. The easter markets had lots of food, souvenirs and food ;) So you can see why I would be happy.


Part III coming soon...

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