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Liquid Matte Lipsticks: WHO'S THE BEST IN THE GAME?

Hey guys,

Spring has sprung and it's time to revamp the makeup drawer with my personal fave: the liquid matte lipstick. This product completely changed my views on lipstick. I never liked wearing regular lipstick, it always left my lips feeling dry and I was so bad at applying it, that I always ended up looking like a clown. Until one day, when I was shopping in Madrid, my friend dragged me into a NYX store. She had me try some liquid matte lipsticks and I was obsessed from that day on. I always bought NYX after that, I mean why fix something that isn't broken right? I had always been happy with the results. But one day, I was introduced to STILA and let me tell you: IT'S A-GAME LIPSTICK!

I've tried colourpop cosmetics, I've tried Kylie Lip Kits, NYX, Revlon... and none compare to STILA. It's more expensive than other drug store brands, STILA comes in a $30 a pop. Here's the kicker though: it smells great, applies SO easy, looks amazing, and even hydrates while you wear it (it contains avocado oil) and it's made in Italy (my favourite place).

Soooo, I gathered all the STILA lip colours my sister and I own and tried on a few looks for you guys. I hope after this article you will consider trying STILA!


Shades featured:

- Baci

- Beso true red

- Viola

- Lume

- Caramello

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