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Brunch @ Café Melbourne

Hey guys,

Just before leaving for spring break, my friend Rosalie and I woke up early on Sunday morning to stand in line for the super popular Pop-Up Australian style brunch at Café Melbourne. I've seen foodies post about their gorgeous brunches at this place for a while and I just needed to try it out for myself.

Every brunch menu features a few choices named after Australian personalities and each one more creative than the last. Obviously the food tastes amazing, there's definitely no denying that, but the real secret lies in their OUTSTANDING presentation, I mean I have never seen such beautiful brunch plates.

Funny enough, we were sitting right next to Michelle (@michellexlg) )whom I had met previously at a Foodora event so I asked them if I could also take pictures of their food (no shame) so I could show you guys more of the menu! My friend and I had matcha fruit toast and a few lattes and they had spicy cornbread and the classic avo toast.

Honestly, the portions are perfect because they don't leave you never wanting to touch food again and although the food is quite pricier than regular chain locations, it is totally worth it. This isn't JUST brunch, it's ART so huge shoutout to @oswaldfelixcreates for putting together such stunning plates!

You may find all the glorious pictures of our food below and if you don't want to go to this place after those, then I have no hope for you ;)


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