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La Poutine Week x foodora

Hey guys,

It is time for the greatest week of all time if you live in Montreal..... POUTINE WEEK!! And if you don't live here, well I am very sorry to tell you that you are missing out on quite the event, but feel free to drool over the photos anyway ;)


The event runs from February 1-7th, in which 50 restaurants around town are offering unique poutines designed especially for this week and that you cannot find at any other time of the year so it's literally NOW OR NEVER. And these are not your ordinary poutines might I add, they are OFF THE CHARTS!!


This year foodora is the title sponsor of La Poutine Week and so I've partnered with them to showcase some of the poutines available this week. I have been using foodora's app to get them all delivered to me, cause who has time to drive around hunting for poutines anyway? You can order any of the special poutines EXCLUSIVELY from the foodora app and have it delivered straight to you OR you can now choose the pick-up option!! foodora has just introduced a new feature that allows you to order through the app and select pick up rather than delivery, making it even easier to get those poutines in your bellies.

NOW before we meet the stars, remember there are still a few days left to get your poutines and enjoy La Poutine Week so take advantage of the weekend and go try some! (You can hit the gym another time hehe)

Let me know which are your favorites!! <3



Now comes time to talk about the goods. Here are the poutines I tried:


Fresh house french fries, Cheese curds, Le Smoking BBQ crispy-coated cheese, Homemade sauce, Caramelized onions, Smoked meat smoked 18 hours with applewood, Spiced Pork belly smoked 8h, House BBQ sauce and Salsa criolla

I've had this place's pulled pork poutine several times and it is my favorite so I had high expectations for this place and let me just say this: the meat in this poutine was out of this world AND I loved the addition of the salsa criolla on top, it really added a kick to every bite. I wish I ha more of their BBQ sauce cause its amazing, but I'll live with what I got ;)

** Yes I also treated myself to their bourbon pecan pie cause how else to you end an amazing poutine meal?


Hand cut potato fries, Quebec curs cheese and our house gravy topped with spicy Sujuk (ground beef mixed with various spices: fenugreek, cumin, sumac) and a succulent red pepper sauce, garnished with Asiago Parmesan cheese and fresh shallots.

For this poutine, I opted for foodora’s new pick up option. I got to see them prepare the poutines and hang in their cute location for a few minutes. It is small but very cozy and they make amazing food so I am definitely not complaining! I met the owner, who described to me the poutine and their reasoning behind some of the ingredients. The spices in the meat were especially chosen for their medicinal proprieties and anti-inflammatory features.

Here’s the 411 on the oriental poutine @ Le Gourmet Burger: The poutine was DELICIOUS! I have had their poutine week specials in previous years and have always enjoy them, and this one lived up to the restaurant’s name. I LOVED this poutine! The fries were perfect, there was just the right amount of sauce, the meat was insanely good and the whole thing together was out of this world. If you only had to try one poutine this week, I would definitely recommend you go for this one! And while you're there, get me another one as well ;)


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